Difference between physiotherapy and sports therapy

Difference between physiotherapy and sports therapy

Physiotherapy home service Dubai

People often need clarification about whether they have to take physiotherapy vs sports therapy or which professional will be able to provide the most appropriate service to treat the prevailing condition or injury because, apparently, they both look the same to the layman. 

Physiotherapy vs Sports therapy

No matter if they are physio or sports therapists, they both provide the service that deals with fixing any pain, musculoskeletal issues, orthopedic injury, and neurology conditions—for rehabilitation, restoring, and not only maintaining but also increasing the movement to the point where it was before the injury.  

Difference between physiotherapy and sports therapy

What is physiotherapy?

Physical Therapists or Physiotherapists are certified professionals who typically do a three-year degree program, which meets a strict set of criteria by the medical department. The main task of the physiotherapist is to assist and rehabilitate the individuals affected by any injury or illness by applying manual or mechanical techniques such as manual exercises, hot and cold packs, and Therapeutic Exercises. 

Difference between physiotherapy and sports therapy

What is sports therapy?

Sports therapists are the people who provide physiotherapy home service dubai to people who are experts in treating musculoskeletal disorders or some injury that occurs as a result of some sports. Generally, they are also medically certified as Physiotherapists with a proper diploma to rehabilitate the individuals and maximize their physical movements. 

The difference between physiotherapy and sports therapy

Both professions physiotherapy vs sports therapy have so many things in common. Also, they overlap in the treatment plan and the set of therapies being used to treat the illness, which is the leading cause of creating confusion for the clients that they need a physio or sports therapist for the treatment.  

  • Physiotherapists have a medical background and comprehensive knowledge base, which allows physiotherapists to treat diseases, illnesses, and respiratory issues. This makes the therapists perfect for treating all sorts of patients, including patients who are complex with multiple conditions.
  • In physiotherapy, the therapist makes efforts to rehabilitate patients to allow them to feel relaxed and manage their day-to-day life. Sports therapy, on the other hand, emphasizes whether the patient can maintain the mandatory physical activity level for whatever sporting activity they would like to takeout.
  • Sports therapists usually have more experience in sporting environments at an undergraduate level, making them perfect for averting sports injuries through properly planning specific strengthening exercises for the individuals.
  • The Sports therapists only emphasize on musculoskeletal restoration. Because they have a sports-focused background, it makes them striking for those patients who are aiming to return to daily exercise.

Treatment approaches used in physiotherapy vs sports therapy

These are some of the strategies used by physiotherapy vs sports therapy to treat the painful conditions in patients. 

  • Taping
  • Dry Needling 
  • Electrotherapy 
  • Manual Massage
  • Hot and Cold pack
  • Mobilizations exercises 
  • Mixed stretching techniques

Difference between physiotherapy and sports therapy

Benefits of physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy 

There are so many benefits of such therapies, that’s why at Yes! Maam we are offering a wide variety of physiotherapy home service dubai. Our physiotherapist is a certified professional, DHA-approved, who can assist you in the rehabilitation process with the use of different techniques. Our therapist makes customized plans and works according to the needs of the individuals. 

If you are experiencing some sort of pain consult the doctor they will diagnose and refer you to the appropriate therapist; some people have a sports-related injury they should only visit a sports therapist because a sports therapist not only fixes the issue but also help you to build the stamina so in future you don’t suffer from the same illness. 

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