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Doctor on call

Doctor On Call

Certainly, as life is becoming fast-paced and technology advancing day by day. Therefore, the medical sector too is implementing new technology to benefit their clients. Yes! Maam too strives to do both; make both life easier and more practical for the patients. Especially, we are providing not only medical staff in the clinic but also Doctors on call at home to cater to the needs of all types of clients. At Yes! Maam we surely believe everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, no matter their age or condition. Which is why we at Yes! Maam certainly strives to make both health easy and accessible for everyone in Dubai.

Yes! Maam especially provides doctors on call clients with convenient, affordable, and comprehensive healthcare solutions at our home healthcare clinic. Surely, our team of qualified and experienced medical staff is equipped with the latest medical technology. They enable us to provide a range of services from basic medical treatments to improved overall well being. For added convenience, we also offer Medical Doctors on Call Services in Dubai for patients of all ages that require prompt medical attention.

Doctor-on-Call certainly provides top-notch medical consultation, personalized health advice, and advanced patient care along with a range of diagnostic tests at home. We have partnered with the best healthcare centers to ensure both the highest quality of services and treatments available from the comfort of your own home.

Key Features of our on call doctor

  • Have personalized health advice from experienced doctors.
  • Wide range of diagnostic tests are also now accessible at home.
  • Access top medical facilities and treatment for any health problem.
  • Qualified diagnostics team is available on call 24 for seven days a week.

Benefits of doctors on call:

Doctor on call is a revolutionary idea, especially in Dubai. Above all,  neither you have to sit nor have to wait in line at the clinic. Doctor on call app makes your life easier especially since you don’t have to drive or worry about parking. Additionally, you get state-of-the-art medical services around the clock access to medical experts advising you on your existing health situation. 

  • 24/7 Availability

Firstly, when you need a doctor on call in Dubai, you want to know whether they will be available or not. A good doctor on call will be available both 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. To answer your medical questions as well as advise you on possible treatments.

  • House Calls

Secondly, not everyone may have the ability to go for regular checkups at the clinic or make it to the hospital when feeling unwell. So, basically being able to get house calls from your doctor can be quite beneficial. However, look for a doctor on call who offers house calls as part of their services. So, you can have peace of mind and convenience when needed most.

  • Treatment Plans

Having an experienced doctor by your side during different phases of illness and health is essential. Especially when there are changes in physical structure due to aging or infection. In fact, a reliable doctor on call in Dubai should be able to provide both individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs and current health status.

  • Experienced Care Providers

    You surely want expert doctors with years of experience under their belt when looking for doctor on call health care services. Be sure to check up on the credentials of any doctor before deciding if he or she is right for you. Not only look into background information such as educational history, but also residency program experience and board certifications if significant. As well as the latest seminars and workshops whether attended events or not.

    • Personal Connections

    Patients need both confidence and privacy at the clinic, meaning building personal connections through shared experiences. So, this is key to getting better quality care from your doctor’s office staff ahead of time. So, you certainly can trust who taking care of you later down the road.

    • Emergency Services

    After all, an excellent medical service provider should have emergency medical license personnel available at all times. When some trauma has occurred or symptoms might indicate life-threatening conditions then they can take immediate action.

    • High-Quality Care

    Finding high-quality care means having access to not only experts who understand all aspects of patient safety but also comfort, and satisfaction. When it comes to handling any particular situation with expertise and capability from start until finish. Taking into consideration things like hygiene standards, waiting time, as well as prescription generation too. So, there is no risk of cross-contamination happening which can cause additional issues that haven’t been accounted for then increasing overall healthcare costs for everyone. In general, people have to trust providers thoroughly enough first before anything else happens.

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Doctor on call


Amazing customer service specially our GP Dr Attiya Nisar the one who treated me from my sickness. Very friendly and proffered behavior. Thanks doc
Doctor on call
Chahat Sharma
Doc Sineha and Cristy are very accomodating. Cristy is the best in performing her duties with love and care
Doctor on call
Alladin Billones
Dr. Jenny is very informative while doing the orthodontic treatment to me. Very energetic and passionate to her work. Thumbs up!
Doctor on call
Chris Hugo
Friendly atmosphere Accomodating Staffs
Doctor on call
bhe aguisanda (bhebhe)
Physiotherapy department…good service…friendly nurses and doctor…definitely will recommend this clinic if you require physiotherapy 👍👍👍
Doctor on call
Joyce Macaranas

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At Yes! Maam we deliver the best service, so patients always come back to join us by downloading our mobile application!

We Are Available 8:00am-5:00pm

Simple Act Of Caring Is calling Yes!MaaM 

Doctors on call Dubai

Yes! Maam provides the highest quality of care and experience for patients and their respected families. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the working hours of Call Doctor?

Generally, our doctors are available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM for dr on call service.

2.You at Yes! Maam accept insurance?

Certainly! We do accept almost all the major insurance so add your insurance number and get it checked. Your insurance will be review within 5 – 15 min

3.Do you provide lab testing services at home?

We do Book lab at home service and our experienced staff will come to your home to collect the sample.

4.Yes Maam have a Physiotherapist on call?

Indeed, We are providing the Physiotherapist on call service and if the issue is serious our doctor can visit home to give the session.

5. Injections at Home facility available at Yes! Maam?

Surely, we do. So, book the nurse at Yes! Maam and our staff nurse will come to your home and give you an injection.

6. How do I find local babysitters?

It’s quite impossible to find local babysitters in Dubai, yet you can ask the neighbors and people in communities or contact agencies like Yes! Maam and hire experienced babysitters at home.

7.Is your medical staff licensed?

Evidently, our clinic not only have certified staff but also our medical staff is DHA licensed.


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January 23, 2023

Nice app

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There babysitter service is too good

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