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Ovarian Cancer Marker (Cancer Antigen) – CA 125

Ovarian Cancer Marker (CA 125) 200DHS – Tat 5 to 7 Days

{ Note:-  Clinic Price -200Aed & Home Service – 350Aed }

Cancer Antigen CA125 is the only tumor marker recommended for clinical use in the diagnosis and management of ovarian cancer.

A CA 125 test  measures the amount of CA 125 Antigen in the blood. Conditions that can cause an increase in CA 125 include many that aren’t cancerous, such as menstruation and uterine fibroids. Certain cancers may also cause an increased level of CA 125, including ovarian, endometrial, peritoneal and fallopian tube cancers.

Result :
The result will get in 5 to 7 days once the test is complete. Please Check your WhatsApp inbox and spam folder for the report.



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