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Introducing the Doctor on Call App: Hassle-Free Medical Care at Your Fingertips!

Experience the future of healthcare with our revolutionary Doctor on video call  App. Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to instant access to highly qualified physicians from GSM Medical Center. With a single click, you can connect with a qualified physician from the comfort of your own home, office, hotel, or anywhere in Dubai.

No more wasting time in crowded waiting rooms or battling traffic to reach the clinic. Our app offers convenience and accessibility like never before.

Download Yes! Maam app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store using the links provided.

App Store:-

Play Store:-

We’ve made medical care easy and accessible with the following features:

  • Home consultations
  • Affordable prices
  • Free insurance coverage
  • Doorstep medication delivery
  • Free sick leave certificates
  • DHA certificate for 80 AED
  • Follow-up calls available
  • Take control of your healthcare today and download our app now!

How Does Doctor On Call Work? A Convenient and Transformative Healthcare Solution

No one enjoys the hassle of going to a clinic for minor health concerns like a cough or a cold. Thankfully, with the revolutionary Doctor on Call service offered by Yes! Maam, you can say goodbye to long waiting times in crowded waiting rooms.
Now, your doctor is just one click away from you, you can connect with a qualified doctor and receive online consultations from the comfort and convenience of your own home.
In this article, we will take you through the seamless process of utilizing the Doctor on Call service and explore how it can significantly improve your healthcare experience.

Step 1: Download the Yes! Maam App
To begin your journey towards better healthcare, the first step is to download the Yes! Maam app from either the Play Store or App Store. By making this simple choice, you open up a world of possibilities where professional medical guidance is just a few taps away.

Step 2: Register and Connect
It’s time to register yourself when the app has been downloaded. Provide the necessary details and any required documents.
Using your insurance ID and Emirates ID you can register on the app. Once completing your registration, our dedicated team will confirm whether your insurance is approved.
If you don’t have insurance, you can still connect with a doctor for a nominal fee of only 49 AED, you can still enjoy a consultation with a doctor. You may now schedule an appointment with the doctor of your choosing after completing registration. offers a comprehensive list of available doctors, allowing you to find the perfect match for your specific medical needs.

Step 3: Connect Face-to-Face, Virtually
Using the app’s video call feature at your convenience time you can connect with a doctor Should the doctor be occupied with another call, they will promptly give you a callback, minimizing any waiting time. Our support team will also help you if you facing any issues while connecting with the doctor.

Step 4: Doctor Advice and Support
Once you connect with your doctor through the Doctor on Call service, they will conduct a virtual examination to assess your condition.
Based on your symptoms doctor will prescribe proper medication. the prescription will be conveniently available on the app.
If you want medications delivered to your doorstep. Yes! Maam offers a medical delivery service to ensure you receive the prescribed medications without any hassle.
This way, you can focus on your recovery while enjoying the convenience of receiving healthcare support from the comfort of your home.

Step 5: Convenient Medical Delivery
After your consultation with the doctor, Yes! Maam goes the extra mile by providing free medical delivery services. This ensures that any prescribed medications or recommended healthcare products reach your doorstep promptly, saving you time and effort. We understand the importance of continuity in your treatment, and our commitment to your well-being extends beyond the consultation.

Embrace the power to manage your healthcare effectively with the Doctor on video call service offered by Yes! Maam. By downloading our app, you embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier and happier you. Our user-friendly interface and dedicated team of doctors guarantee that you receive the treatment and care you need. Experience the future of healthcare today. Remember, with Doctor on Call, quality healthcare is just a tap away.


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