Solid Foods For Babies | When, What, And How To Introduce
Solid foods for babies: When, What, and How to Introduce

Solid foods for babies: When, What, and How to Introduce

Every child is different and have different nutritional needs but before four months solid cannot be introduced so after six-month parents introduce their children to the solid food. If you have question that when to start giving solid foods to the kids for that you need to look for the certain signs that your child is ready for this mile stone.

Signs to start solid food:

  • Bring food or other objects to mouth
  • Don’t push food out of their mouth
  • Opens the mouth when you give food
  • Swallows’ food instead of spitting out
  • Your child is able to sit-up without any support
  • Your child can support and balance his neck and head

How to introduce child to solid foods?

To introduce your kid with solid food, give one ingredient at a time and ensure to make it puree, mashed or make smoothie. Your child might gag, cough or spit the food out as Baby needs time to get familiar with the different tastes.  By giving one food at one time will also help you to understand what sort of allergies your baby has especially if anyone of the parent is Allergic.

Mix cereals and other foods like potatoes with water or formula/ breast milk and boiled hard fruits and vegetables like carrots and apples so that they can be mashed easily even with fork. Try to cut soft fruit in small cubes or thin slices which are easy to chew as kids might not have teeth at this point.

Foods to avoid:

  • Foods with added sugar
  • High sodium food
  • Honey as it can cause botulism
  • Unpasteurized milk, yogurt and cheese
  • Hard vegetables and fruits

Introduce your baby to new things and don’t give up as it might take four or five tries. Make sure you start with simple food and don’t force baby give you baby time to adjust to new tastes and textures.


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