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Dr. Ashraf City:


Specialities: GP-esthetics

Speaking Languages: English , Hindi

General Practitioner (Aesthetic) Clinical Expertise Fillers, Botox, PRP, Mesotherapy, Lipolysis, Chemical Peels, Lasers, Hifu, Profilho, Thread. Dermatological Consultations Acne Eczema Hair-fall Dandruff Skin allergy Fungal infections Melasma Keloid Hypertrophic scar Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi Education: MBBS- Mohi Ud Din Islamic Medical College Specialization: GP Aesthetic Nationality: Pakistani Type of Physician: Fulltime Professional Associations DHA Licensed (Dubai) Pakistan Medical Council (Pakistan) Credentials MBBS – Mohi Ud Din Islamic Medical College Aesthetics Certification Diploma In Advance Aesthetic – Medicine Sharjah University Professional Experience General Practitioner Aesthetics IMC MEDICAL CENTRE Performing aesthetics and anti-aging procedures including Fillers, Botox, PRP, Mesotherapy, Chemical peels, lipolysis, HIFU, and Laser procedures. General Practitioner Covid Field Hosipital Dubai Parks And Resorts Taking care of COVID patients including treatment plans and advising investigations Medical Officer Anesthesia And Icu Mayo Hospital Lahore Pk Looking after critical ICU patients and performing procedures including intubation, CV line insertion, and Arterial blood Gases sampling. Medical Officer General Medicine Seeing patients related to internal medicine including stroke, chronic liver disease, heart failure, MI patients. And also patients related to OPD like Hypertension, Diabetes, URTI patients.

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