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Dr. Nisar City:


Specialities: 12yrs of clinical experience in gynecology & obstetrics , pediatrics, emergency & family medicine .

Speaking Languages: English , Hindi

GSM Medical Center General Practitioner (Family Medicine) Languages Spoken: English, Urdu, Sindhi, Arabic Education: MBBS – Dow University Karachi Specialization: General Practitioner Nationality: Pakistani Type of Physician: Fulltime Professional Associations DHA Licensed Specialist (Dubai) Credentials CPEM Indus hospital /University of Pennsylvania, USA Certificate of nephrology The agha khan university F-PEM, The Indus hospital / Sikkids Canada MBBS Dow university Karachi Professional Experience RMP, HEW foundation clinic Karachi, Pakistan Consultant clinic, PRP, skin diseases, cautery, mesotherapy, lasers, hydra, q switch, peels, micro-needling, microderm, normal delivery, history, examination, clinical diagnosis, and treatment. WMO, Sindh government children hospital, Karachi, Pakistan PICU in charge conducted opds, attended ER, Nicu, history, examination, diagnosis, and treatment, maintained patients’ charts, fluid, and tissue sample collection. RCMO, Sindh rangers, Karachi, Pakistan Covid -19 Front line doctor, ER, ICU, Isolation Wards, Opd, PRP, Skin diseases, melasma, micro-needling, , mesotherapy, laser, q switch, conduct test, examination, deliveries, collect fluid and tissue samples. Updated about International research, method , prevention of covid, and others. implement them for a better outcome and Family planning Counselling. RMO, The kidney center, Karachi, Pakistan supervisor in the dialysis clinic, managing junior doctors, registration, investigation, and treatment of patients. WMO, Sindh government hospital, Badin, Pakistan In charge of a remote area clinic, Opd, investigation, diagnosis, and treatment. Implement new methods in diagnosis and treatment, conduct deliveries, and manage emergencies with fewer facilities. House officer, Jinnah postgraduate and medical center, Karachi, Pakistan The internship programme, history, examination, diagnosis, treatment, iv cannulation, catheterization, and record maintenance. Clinical Expertise Rapid sequence intubation (The process to intubate the pt when needed), Ultrasound-guided central line (Placement of central line by dynamic approach), Ultrasound-guided IV cannulation (IV cannulations in diff patients), Chest tube insertion n needle decompression (In pneumothorax), Pericardiocentesis (In pericardial effusion), Reduction n cast (Applying POP in diff fracture settings n reduction of fracture), Cricothyrotomy (Surgical airway), Lateral canthotomy (In increase IOP), Foreign body removal (From ear n eye n nose), Nasal packing (Anterior mostly than posterior), SVD (Normal delivery), Echo, Ultrasound (Abdomen, kub, eye), Nerve block, Running codes / Team lead, D&C, ECG Interpretation, Temporary Pacemaker, Dialysis, PRP / Peels/hydra, mesotherapy, Micro-needling/microdermabrasion, laser/q switch

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