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Babysitting service in Jumeirah Village

Whether you need someone to look after your child for a few hours or a few days, we can provide the perfect solution for you.


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Babysitting in Jumeirah Village

Get our Babysitters at Home and Become a Tension free parent!

Looking for a trusted and reliable babysitting service in Jumeirah Village? Yesmaam baby sitting in Dubai is here to help! Specifically, we offer experienced, trained babysitters that like looking after children. Basically, we provide our services at flexible hours since we recognize that parents not only need time to work but  also need a break. We can assist you whether you require a daytime sitter for a few hours or a nighttime sitter. Therefore, our babysitters are all background-checked and have extensive experience in child care. While you’re away, our babysitters will make sure to pamper your kids as well as care for them. 

Main Services Are

The best services Babysitting in Jumeirah Village offers: 

  • Experienced and professional babysitters
  •  Flexible hours to suit your needs 
  • Safe, secure, and comfortable environment for your children 
  • Highly trained and background checked staff and babysitters
  • The main focus is on the safety and well-being of your children while you’re away. 
  • Affordable rates
Babysitting in Jumeirah Village
Babysitting in Jumeirah Village
Babysitting in Jumeirah Village
Babysitting in Jumeirah Village
Babysitting in Jumeirah Village

How our Babysitting Services in Dubai Can Help you?

1. Firstly, we start off with a clean environment We make sure our home is free of any harmful chemicals and toxins. Instead of using harsh chemicals in cleaning goods, we choose natural cleaners. We also keep our house well ventilated to ensure that no harmful gases enter the room.

2. Secondly, our babysitters in Dubai give them plenty of love We spend time playing with our babies, reading stories, singing songs, and giving them lots of hugs. We try to get them used to be touched and loved.

3. The babysitters provide them with food We feed them nutritious meals that are rich in iron, protein, zinc, and vitamins. We also make sure they eat their vegetables and fruits.

4. Basically our sitters teach them how to walk We help them learn how to stand, sit, crawl and eventually walk. We also encourage them to play and explore around the house.

Babysitting in Jumeirah Village
Babysitting in Jumeirah Village
Babysitting in Jumeirah Village
Babysitting in Jumeirah Village

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Babysitting in Jumeirah Village

5. Certainly, we let them sleep We allow them to sleep until they are tired enough to fall asleep without us having to wake them up. We also avoid disturbing them while sleeping.

6. Especially, our sitters give them baths; We bathe them once a week using only pure water. Additionally, we check if they are at ease in the bathtub.

7. In the end, we dress them in clothes that fit them properly and are soft to the touch. We also make sure to dress them in nice colours.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable babysitting service in Jumeirah Village, contact the best home care service in Dubai, Yesmaam Babysitting today!


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March 23, 2024

They are very caring when it comes to their patients and when I begin with their hydrafacial my face change a lot.

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