Anxiety and Depression: Helping children cope

Anxiety and Depression: Helping children cope

Just like grownups children also feel anxiety and worry; many of these are normal and the fragment of growing up but if children don’t get help on time that depression might affect their well-being in the long run.

In their childhood kids develop fears or phobias which sometimes can develop anxiety, but fear does not as such fears go away as a child grows. Sometimes children develop school-related anxiety; this could be because of tests, exams, or certain situations where they feel shy or uncomfortable.

When anxiety becomes a problem:

Anxiety becomes a problem when it affects their well-being or gets in the way of their everyday routine. Critical anxiety can harm emotional and mental health, and self-esteem. While fighting with anxiety Children may develop the symptoms of withdrawal and start sidestepping from situations that make them nervous.

Signs and symptoms 

It’s common for children not to express their anxiety and concerns as they might feel shy or concerned about expressing their feelings. So, it’s the responsibility of parents to pick the pieces of the puzzle and establish that their kids are feeling anxiety, so, here are a few signs you may notice.

  • They are clingy
  • Food disorder
  • They are tearful
  • Kids are irritated
  • Waking up at night
  • Having bad dreams
  • Anger outpourings
  • Dodging everyday activities
  • Started wetting the bed at night

Treatment for anxiety:

When parents establish that their kids are showing the symptoms of anxiety and it’s getting out of their hands, they should act fast before it might get late and it becomes chronicle.

First of all, parents need to talk to the children about the concern they are feeling and try not to scold them but make them feel that whatever they are feeling is genuine and that they understand their feelings. Talk to your child more often and let them explain why and what they are feeling and chalk out the solutions with them. Tell the children when they feel triggered, they should follow a few conducts to calm themselves down.

Encourage your kids to seek help if they need it, don’t let them suffer alone. Inspire them to follow one routine so they feel motivated to get up in the morning and get through the day. Prepare them for the situation if you are going for one, such as if you are going to change house or school, prepare them so they know beforehand what are they signing up for.

If it’s some sort of separation or divorce between the parents, talk to them, make them understand how things will work, or make them see some movie or drama about it to get perspective and get help for better understanding.

Use different techniques to calm down during an anxiety attack which can be simple breathing techniques or simple distractions such as going to the playground or nursery or maybe to some friend’s house.

When to seek medical help:

If the child is having too often or too severe anxiety attacks and its conflicting with their perusing their daily routine, then, it’s a good idea to talk to a medical professional and get help.

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