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Babysitters in Dubai

You trusted a healthcare partner for your parenthood journey. At Yes! Maam we provide the best and cheap babysitters in Dubai for part-time and full-time to care for your kids of all ages who are in need of supervision. 

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Babysitters in Dubai

Babysitters in Dubai

We also offer live-in and live-out babysitters in Dubai for newborns, kids, and nurses for new mothers to take care. Our babysitter and nannies Dubai are excellent listeners, engaging, caring, patient, and compassionate. Nannies Dubai has the ability to work with parents and has better communication with the family.

We provide personal and unique experiences for mothers and children in the parenthood journey. Our babysitters in Dubai assist mothers step by step on how to take care of themselves and their babies. And especially well-qualified, competent, skilled, and trained babysitters in Dubai who are ever ready to support mothers in the journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

Do You need someone to look after your kids in Dubai?

Yes! Maam can help. We provide going babysitters in Dubai, nannies, and nurses who are all cooperative, considerate and compassionate. Our services typically include planning fun and educational activities for the kids, reinforcing the rules, supervising playdates, and more. Depending on what the employer requests, our babysitters may also do light housekeeping work, drive kids to school, and help them with their homework. Above all, we assist new mothers through the parenthood journey. The experienced babysitters provide support related to childcare duties to make it easier.

Yes! Maam Services:

Indeed, we provide personal and unique experiences for mothers and children in the parenthood journey by providing experienced babysitters in Dubai. Our babysitter Dubai helps and assists new and first-time mothers step by step on how to take care of themselves and their babies. The well-qualified and trained nurses support mothers in the journey from pregnancy to parenthood. Also at Yes! Maam home health care center our nannies Dubai also supports mothers with basic chores related to child care. Our main aim is to make the parenthood journey much easier and more comfortable.

Our babysitters are typically responsible for following and maintaining the schedule for the kids and supervising playdates. Additionally, few nannies Dubai may be willing to take on additional responsibilities like cooking, light housekeeping, driving kids to school to and from planned activities, and helping with homework for some extra money.

Reasons Why Parents Need Babysitters in Dubai

 With a fast-paced life where generally both parents are working, and mothers especially don’t have enough time to spend time with kids so, they need help with their little bundle of joy; for this reason, Yes! Maam has started nannies Dubai and babysitter Dubai services. Because if the parents are looking for a part-time or full-time Dubai babysitter so, the mother can work with the much-needed comfort and peace of mind that their child is at home with professional and well-trained babysitters in Dubai.

We are offering two main types of nannies Dubai & babysitters

  • The one is those nurses who are certified by the standard institute
  • The second category is the nurses registered and DHA-approved 

Standard institute-certified has child care experience, and some have additional first aid certification training. Our Babysitter Dubai will make sure that your child stays with professional babysitters in Dubai at home in a familiar environment and get one-to-one attention. As we ensure the well-being of the child stays above all. Most families with kids have to hire nannies in Dubai to care for their kids and help them. They want to hire for full-time or part-time it depends on their own preferences.

Babysitters in Dubai

Why to hire babysitters in Dubai

Basically, parents not only hire nannies because kids are small but also for the reason both parents are working. Sometimes stay at home mothers are also unable to give proper time to all the kids or need sometime. Nonetheless, at yes! Maam babysitting in Dubai ensures that kids are not exposed to fewer viruses. they make sure to engage them in both cognitive and healthy fun activities according to the kid’s age. Whereas, babysitters who have both licenses and have tranning to care for both ailing infants and kids with special needs.

Indeed, you need a nurse if your baby is an infant. Because you need an extra hand for help during the early stages of hospital visits and early immunity vaccinations. Similarly, if the child has some special needs and guarantees their health and safety. Both nannies and babysitters are accessible and available at affordable rates which makes more people avail of babysitting in Dubai. Nannies Dubai cares for the kids and build healthy relationships with them to build trust and healthy communication.

At yes! Maam, the parents, have the advantage of hiring a babysitter in Dubai or nurses for part-time or full-time, and in part-time, you can choose baby sitting in Dubai service for at least 4 hours with our free pick and drop service. Finding babysitters in Dubai is challenging but not for us as our main aim is to provide comfort for the family. So, that mothers don’t have to worry daily about the staff’s commute.

Winter Safety Tips

Winter and cold weather can be dangerous for kids only if not taken care of, but if you are ready and stay safe, then winter becomes fun. Therefore, follow few steps for the parents to follow to make surroundings harmless for the kids to stay healthy. Evidently, during winter, kids get holidays, but this is a difficult time for the working parents as they can’t be at both places, so we at Yes! Maam provides babysitters in Dubai to lend a helping hand.

Prepare the Home

Firstly, prepare your home for the winter season, and try to stay at home in extreme weather before the rain; check drainages and roof leaks. Secondly, Try and fix heating systems well before time and arrange alternative heating systems if you have kids at home.

Prepare for outdoor

While doing outdoor activities, please make sure to dress up appropriately according to the season; wear woolen clothes, waterproof shoes, coats, and jackets; if clothes get wet, change immediately. Meanwhile, if you can’t be with kids for outdoor activities, then ensure that the babysitter is there to supervise them.

Do’s of the winter season

Basically, to be happy and healthy and enjoy the winter season to its fullest follow a few guidelines and apricate the season to the fullest.

  • Keep medicine handy
  • Keep humidifiers at home
  • Eat dry and sessional fruits
  • Consume the hot beverages

Don’t’s of the winter season

In fact, when you have to take care of things at home and outdoors, at the same time, parents need to be vigilant regarding the things to avoid to protect the kids’ health.

  • Don’t consume cold beverages
  • Don’t sleep with the gas heater on
  • Don’t overdress the infants, as it could suffocate them
  • Don’t travel with kids if the weather is foggy

At yes! Maam, we provide babysitters in Dubai for working parents to stay at home, or we can provide the babysitters if you want extra help while traveling. Spacifically, we give this choice to our clients to choose the time and date of their convenience and enjoy the winter holiday season to the fullest. 

Babysitters in Dubai

Clear communication with parents

It is important that parents communicate clearly with their nannies Dubai. So that babysitters know what parents are expecting from them. While they are caring for the children there are consistent expectations from all the babysitters. In order to ensure continuity of care and safety standards at home when a babysitter Dubai is present.

Supporting parents with infant care

In addition to standard childcare, duties weather feeding, diapering, potty training or entertaining, and engaging the children. Babysitter Dubai will offer extra support like settling babies into both sleep routines and teaching basic baby massage techniques which help parents manage to maintain healthy relationships with their newborns.

Confidence building

Professional babysitters in Dubai develop positive relationships with the kids by engaging them actively and boosting their self-esteem; this encourages personal growth and enables infants prepare for success in life outside preschool settings too.

Services Babysitters Dubai can offer

Even though, hiring babysitters in Dubai can be challenging for parents as, generally, babysitters in Dubai don’t have either certificates or training. But this is not the case with Yes! Maam, because we only hire well-experienced and certified. Indeed, we provide cheap babysitter in Dubai with free pick-and-drop. So basically, This makes Yes! Maam one of the best babysitter service providers in Dubai.

Kids Supervision

Babysitters in Dubai are experienced professionals who can provide supervision to the children in their care. This can include both playing games with them and taking them on trips or outings. Above all, ensuring their safety while they’re away from their parents.

Caretaking Duties

Babysitter Dubai will also do any necessary child-care-related tasks during their stay whether preparing meals, doing laundry, cleaning after the children. Surely our babysitters make the home environment safe and secure at all times. Surely, they can also provide diaper changes and help with bath time for kids if needed.

Referencing available resources

Babysitter in Dubai has access to a wide range of resources for families such as both finding educational services and backup contacts in case of emergency. In Particular arranging activities for the children, organizing bookings with health professionals, or providing referrals to local family doctors etc.

Safety awareness

In fact as responsible nannies Dubai, best practice includes an understanding of potentially hazardous situations inherently involved when looking after young ones.

Moreover, at Yes! Maam we offer cheap babysitter in Dubai and these babysitters understand how important it is not only to value safety whilst together but also keep records of all activity outside the home including outdoor visits. All beneficial details placed alongside parents’ own accounts serve towards creating a detailed picture of each day spent under the total supervision of a babysitter.

Baby sitter Services at home

Babysitters in Dubai

Newborn Care

Babysitters in Dubai

Baby Sitter

  • Ensure child’s safety & care
  • Fully expert & qualified nurses
  • Incorporate activities suitable for the age
  • Take care of evolving and emotional needs
Babysitters in Dubai

Postnatal Home Nurse

Babysitters in Dubai

Nannies service in Dubai Hotels

Babysitters in Dubai

Babysitting service in Dubai Schools

  • Help students in their studies
  • Take care and safety of small kids
  • Guiding students toward qualities in the classroom
  • Help students increase confidence and responsibility
Babysitters in Dubai

For Events Babysitting service in Dubai

  • Flexible Day and Night shift
  • Give pick and drop to the sitters
  • Trustworthy and Reliable Services
  • Subscription at a reasonable price

Newborn care services

Because premature and newborn kids who are born too small therefore they have an extreme risk of disability or even death in life-threatening cases. Although, sometimes new mothers don’t know how to take care of premature or small newborn kids. So, that’s why Yes! Maam is providing cheap babysitter in Dubai services to lend a helping hand to mothers in need.

Basically, our experienced and DHA-approved babysitters in Dubai are certified and fully trained in providing complete care to both mothers and premature infants. After all, Up-to-date care requires an investment not only in the training of babysitters Dubai but also in certified training so that they can work effectively in partnership with both new mothers and families. 

Our maternity nurses/ babysitter Dubai give complete support to take care of your new-born baby, such as: –

  • Weaning
  • Sleep training
  • Baby Massage
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Baby Health Management
  • Breastfeeding Assistance (Sterilizing feeding bottles)
  • Maintain good hygiene (bathing, Changing a diaper, dressing, oral care)
  • Handling a Newborn (Including Carefully supporting the baby’s neck).

Our babysitter Dubai practice is based on evidence for managing both the sick mother and infant or usual daily care. Particularly, Babysitters believe in effective communication and encourage their participation in the process. At Yes! Maam we hire trained Babysitters who can provide psychological and emotional support to both the mother and consider developmental care for infants.

If you want more information on mother and newborn care in Dubai or babysitting in Dubai, then contact Yes! Maam, now for a free consultation and book a cheap babysitter in Dubai service for your young ones.

Child care services​

All of our child caregivers are fully trained, DHA-approved, and Licensed. Whether you are a Dubai resident or visitor, Yes Maam’s babysitter Dubai is always ready to care for your little ones. Basically, our service babysitting in Dubai is available 24/7 anywhere and anytime in Dubai. Just book an appointment; we will provide assistance for babysitting in Dubai to your doorstep within 60min. 

Our babysitter Dubai know your child’s needs and offers great support, in form of;
  • Help with toilet training
  • School pick-up and drop service
  • support children with homework
  • Engage Your children in healthy habits & hygiene
  • Engage your children in physical, mental &emotional necessity
  • Take care of other instructions or requirements from parents

Because, as a parent we all want everything best for our children.  Our babysitters in Dubai are always there to support every parent and child’s requirements.

Yes! Maam offers childcare services in Homes and Hotels, you can book anywhere and anytime.

Babysitters in Dubai
Babysitters in Dubai
Babysitters in Dubai
Babysitters in Dubai

Negative and positive of babysitters in Dubai

Just like everything else, babysitters in Dubai have more advantages and disadvantages to some extent. At yes! Maam, one can hire babysitters in Dubai part-time or full-time as per the requirements. At yes maam we have trained babysitters who are able to take care of children very well. While hiring a babysitter in Dubai, talk to them about everything, and explain the requirements beforehand.  Particularly, have open communication, and if hired, give them an emergency number or guardian address whom they can contact in case of emergency.



  •  Constant childcare
  • Learn the multitasking
  • Adjustable working hours
  • Can help with homework
  • Personalized care at home
  • Timeout for working parents
  • Child be in a safe environment
  • Rate per hour can add up
  • Low job security for babysitters
  • Low job security for babysitters
  • Part-time new babysitters every time
  • Same babysitter might not be available

Babysitters in Dubai

Babysitters in Dubai can teach an individual many valuable skills, improving time management and organizational skills. After learning all these skills, babysitter Dubai can apply these skills elsewhere too. By hiring babysitters, you and your spouse can get some getaway time to focus on themselves. If you have two or more children, babysitter Dubai can help you. Basically babysitters help with managing small kids so the mother can focus on other important things.

With Yes! Maam you can hire part-time babysitters in Dubai at any time, but you might not get same babysitter every time. Since a part-time babysitter can be busy with some other client. So, it’s better to hire a full-time babysitter Dubai if you have a problem with the new babysitter every time.  We at Yes! Maam provides free pick-and-drop for the babysitter in Dubai. So, the parents don’t have to worry or change their already set schedule. With our own pick-and-drop service, there is a very minimal chance that our babysitter will get late.

Post-natal Home Nurse

Having a child is a very different and life-changing experience as a women’s body is very delicate and complex. And if women don’t receive the proper care, they can develop specific health issues. The infant and mother need both constant support, and monitoring post-birth, for a proper and healthy recovery.

So, at Yes! Maam, our post-natal home care and babysitters in Dubai are here to support you through the early stages of motherhood. By offering new mothers both ample time to relax and develop a solid bond with their little ones. Our post-natal team of babysitting in Dubai has attendants with years of experience giving all-inclusive care. At Yes! Maam nurses not only help new mothers but also help according to the needs and preferences in mind.

Post Natal Care services;

  • Umbilical cord care
  • Feeding the baby on time
  • Help Changing the diapers
  • Bathing and changing cloths
  • Physiotherapy for mother and child
  • Helping mothers with breastfeeding
  • Ensure hygiene and care for Circumcision

Our nurses and babysitters in Dubai provide post-natal care to new mothers. Because they provide evidence-based and compassionate care for women and care for newborn babies. Basically, our babysitters in Dubai are experts and well-trained to help during the postnatal stage. They not only provide care for newborns but also assist the mother in both physical and emotional recovery. We make sure to help new mothers so that mothers don’t develop post-partum depression.

At Yes! Maam we are providing a cheap babysitter in Dubai who will make sure that the mother is taking enough rest, eating properly, and helping manage the baby. At Yes! Maam we have several types of cheap babysitters in Dubai with different qualifications. Babysitters in dubai are all certified and well-experienced in taking care of postpartum women as well as infant care.

Baby sitting service in Dubai Hotels

Planning a vacation in Dubai can be a lot of fun, but what if you need to bring kids along? You can find reliable babysitting in Dubai services in hotel accommodations so you can enjoy your stay. Consequently, you will have peace of mind knowing that your children are in safe hands. Dubai is one of the busiest tourist destinations, and people love to visit Dubai and its tourist attractions with families. But the problem is for people who are with small kids, in finding help in form of babysitters. Which is the safest place where they can leave kids but not anymore.

Yes! Maam provides a babysitter Dubai service full-time, weekly, or daily even for a few hours; where you can hire nannies Dubai or babysitters in Dubai as our babysitters are well qualified and certified. At Yes! Maam, we provide baby sitting service in Dubai in very economical charges hotels. So, that you can enjoy and have some “me time” while on a family vacation. We provide babysitting services in Dubai hotel rooms that are well-trained and help kids engage in creative activities.

Babysitters in Dubai

Tips for Finding the Best Baby Sitting in Dubai Hotels

Make sure your kids are safe, and well looked after a while you are away, at Yes! Maam, you will get an excellent babysitting service in Dubai hotel accommodations.

Tasks of our babysitters in Dubai

  • Travel with the family
  • Flexible Babysitting time Service
  • Help to feed and maintain hygiene
  • Flexible timing for evening and morning shifts
  • Make fun activities for kids to keep them occupied

Ask About Qualifications and Certification

While searching for excellent babysitting in a Dubai hotel, it’s important to ask about the qualifications and certifications of babysitters. All babysitters should have suitable experience, as well as any necessary qualifications or other certificates such as First Aid certification. By ensuring childcare provider has required level of training and expertise, you can ensure children will be in safe hands.

Discuss Payment Rates, Scheduling Policies

When considering a babysitting service in a hotel, it’s also important to discuss the payment rates and scheduling policies. Additionally, make sure you understand what type of payment is accepted. Babysitting in Dubai service requires advance payment, so be sure to check this before booking.

Policies on Late Pickup Procedures

Be sure to ask about any late pick-up procedures that are in the contract. Because some service providers take late night fees or extra charges for early morning or weekend bookings. Yes! Maam is not only providing babysitter Dubai for full time and part time, but also we provide free of cost pick-and-drop service. Because parents don’t have to waste time arranging commutes for babysitters in Dubai or waste precious time on the road for pick-and-drop.

Yes! Maam provides trained, professional, and experienced babysitters that, too very cheap babysitter in Dubai. Certainly, our babysitters positively impact our clients and their kids, as our babysitters are friendly and considerate.

Babysitting service in Dubai Schools

At Yes! Maam, we provide both nurces Dubai, and babysitters in Dubai schools. Because sometimes teachers, as well as students, need help with basic needs or school work during class. Basically, primary school is a transition time when students move from nursery and Kinder Garden. Because of this transition to full-time courses, and they need to learn self-reliance and responsibility. Directing students toward these ascriptions is the primary goal of babysitters in Dubai schools.

Schools sometimes need babysitters because few students have delayed milestones, making them a little slow to understand or follow instructions. Few students need one-on-one help to understand the directions from the teachers in class. So, if your school has any such sort of issue, you can contact the Yes! Maam, for the babysitter Dubai.

Babysitting in Dubai Schools offers these services;

  • Teaching students self-reliance
  • Help kids with developing confidence
  • Help them in performing the schoolwork
  • Ensure students are following the directions

Tips for Finding a Reliable Babysitting Service in Dubai Schools

Finding the right babysitting service for your child in Dubai can be an overwhelming decision. To make the process easier, here are several tips to help you select the best option for your little one. These tips will help you in background checks and communication protocols to choose better service.  You also can check if the price is reasonable and the service safe as well as reliable for your family.

Ask for recommendations from family and friends

Basically, It is always best to ask both family and friends who have used a service for baby sitting in Dubai for recommendations. Take your time to do your research on each recommendation you receive. Visit the websites and social media platforms, read reviews, talk to other families who’ve used the service, and consider asking the service provider questions. In this way, not only you can compare the quality of different services but also feel comfortable before making a decision that suits your needs.

Make sure appropriate communication

Establish healthy and continuous communication with the babysitter in Dubai and provide them with emergency number because just in case they have some situation and they are unable to reach you. Try using technology such as video conferencing to get a better feeling of comfort in order to communicate with both the kids and nannies Dubai.

Evaluate potential babysitters thoroughly via interviews and background checks

To ensure that the babysitting service you eventually opt for is safe, reliable and trustworthy, it’s important to vet potential babysitters in Dubai thoroughly via interviews and background checks. Ask questions about their experience with childcare, their qualifications, references and certifications. Get up-to-date criminal records check as well as checking past employers/clients who can provide feedback because child safety is very important.

Ask questions about childcare experience, training, philosophies and certifications

Its important to make the right decision when it comes to hiring a babysitter requires an understanding of their childcare experience and qualifications. Ask the potential babysitters in Dubai questions about their experiences with childcare, in order to gain more insight into how they understand their job. Find out what childcare philosophies they embrace, what methods they use and if they have any qualifications or certifications that are relevant to the position. Attending age-appropriate CPR and first-aid classes is also vital for any babysitter in Dubai Schools.

At Yes! Maam, we provide educated and certified babysitters in Dubai schools so that they can help students not only inside the classroom but also outside of the classroom so the students can learn real-world experiences to be functional members of society. The babysitters we provide are highly motivated and have experience in child care and instructional assistance, making them a good choice.

Babysitting service in Events

At Yes! Maam we offer to provide Baby sitting in Dubai service for events. Because many times, you might have to attend an important event, but you don’t have anyone else to look after the baby, or you don’t want to leave the baby alone at home for this issue. Yes! Maam offers a babysitter Dubai service. A cheap babysitter in Dubai can be hired for a few hours to weeks or even days.

It totally depends on your needs; if you need part-time or full-time babysitters in Dubai. You may order by calling Yes! Maam because if you want to attend an event as a family but you need an extra hand for your little bundle of joy. Our professional and certified babysitters in Dubai come to help you manage the day. We at yes! Maam provides free pick-and-drop for babysitters in Dubai, so you don’t have to worry and run ahead of time to manage day-to-day operations.  

Babysitting in Dubai Events offer services;

  • Pick and drop provided by the company
  • we will match your requirements to our service
  • Babysitter Dubai is available per hour at a reasonable price
  • The professional uniformed sitter can accompany you to the event
Babysitters in Dubai

Tips for Finding The Perfect Baby Sitting in Dubai Service for Events

Ask for Referrals from Friends and Family

One of the best ways to find high-quality babysitting in Dubai service is by asking for referrals. Ask friends and family you trust who have used babysitting in Dubai service for events in the past. As they will be able to provide honest reviews about their experiences and whether the babysitter Dubai was reliable, safe, and trustworthy. You can also get referrals from online communities or local parents’ websites. This could help you find a trustworthy option in your area.

Research Online Review Sites

Researching online babysitting service review sites is another great way to quickly and easily find the perfect baby sitting in Dubai service. For your event these reviews allow you to get an accurate look at a number of services at once. See what others have said about them. And make sure that any nannies Dubai you hire have received positive reviews from other families before you agree to hire them. Be sure to read through the reviews carefully, so that parents can take an informed decision about who the best babysitter for your needs would be.

Request Samples of Contract Agreements

Before hiring babysitting in Dubai service for your event, make sure that you request a sample contract agreement from babysitter Dubai. This will ensure that both you and the sitter are clear on expectations and responsibilities. It should include things like hourly rates, the number of hours expected. Any special instructions or requests needed for the event, and details about transportation if necessary. Requesting a contract agreement upfront can help avoid any misunderstandings or issues down the line.

Visit the Website of The Candidate Company

When researching the best babysitting in Dubai service for your event, it’s important to make sure that you visit the website of the candidate company. This will help you to get an idea about their reputation, services offered, and any extra options. It’s also worth contacting references and previous clients if possible.

Interview Potential Candidates

An important step when selecting the perfect baby sitting service is to interview the candidates. Questions should cover topics like personal preferences or beliefs on managing children. Their experience in baby sitting in Dubai, and any certifications they possess. It’s also essential that you ask potential nannies Dubai or babysitters Dubai. If they agree to your policies, such as no disciplinary action without your prior approval, no cell phone use while on duty, and more. Finally, talk to them about a plan of action covering how to prepare and handle medical emergencies.

At yes! Maam we provide professional and certified babysitters in Dubai for events so you can attend an event with peace of mind. So you don’t miss out on the event and enjoy it with your family. Our babysitters not only have experience with small babies but also with kids with special needs. Our babysitters are kind, loving, patient, and highly responsible.

We make sure that Our babysitters in Dubai will make sure that our prestigious guests with children would enjoy the event to its fullest. Even more, after knowing the fact that their little bundle of joy are being taken care of by experienced and professional babysitters in Dubai.

Babysitter checklist

Other than being qualified and certified, the parents need one responsible individual with whom they can trust their kids and who also knows first aid and basic safety measures.

The babysitter needs to know emergency numbers in Dubai

Have contact information of parents and emergency guardians

Kid’s medication and if have any food allergies, each kid

Kid's bedtime, toileting habits, and if any other specification

No friends or family visiting during working hours

Baby Sitting in Dubai Services are available at:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does babysitting cost?

At Yes! Maam per hour of babysitting is 60 AED, but Babysitting costs vary according to weekly and monthly packages. Yes! Maam offers a minimum of four hours of babysitting service.

2.Which Nationality babysitter do you have?

Yes! Maam offers a wide variety of babysitters to choose from because at Yes! Maam, the caregivers, are Pilipino, Indian, Nepal, and African ethnicity.

3. Do you offer babysitting nurses for newborns?

At yes! Maam, our babysitter dubai, are highly professional, DHA approved, and can help new mothers care for babies

4. How can I get a babysitter in Dubai?

Professional and certified babysitters in Dubai are available from 50 to 60 Aed and if you want to hire babysitters in Dubai you can call Yes! Maam and have weekly or monthly packages.

5. How much do nannies get paid in Dubai?

Nannies are well-paid but relatively less than babysitters in Dubai because babysitters have more experience and are certified in home health care. At Yes! Maam we provide nannies in many economical packages.

6. How much is a live in nanny in Dubai?

Hiring a live in nanny is a big responsibility as you are letting in a stranger at home and trusting not only a child but also a home with them so you need to be very careful while hiring live in nanny. An average nanny’s salary is from 1500 – 3000 Aed.

7. How old do you have to be to babysit in Dubai?

Most countries have laws that kids under 18 years cannot work so, it’s the same for babysitters in Dubai. Such rules are made to protect employees from exploitation.

8. What are three things not to do while babysitting?

As babysitters in Dubai, you need to respect the employer and do activities with their permission.

  • Respect the privacy of the family you are working with
  • Try not to take kids out without the parent’s permission
  • Don’t take pictures and post them on any social media without consent

9. How do I find local babysitters?

It’s quite impossible to find local babysitters in Dubai, yet you can ask the neighbors and people in communities or contact agencies like Yes! Maam and hire experienced babysitters at home.

10. How much is a nanny per hour in Dubai?

In Dubai, Mostly Nannies are hired for months as live-in, and rarely do people hire a nanny per hour, so they are paid 60 Aed, just like babysitters in Dubai.

Babysitters in Dubai

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