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Babysitters in Dubai

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Babysitting Service

Babysitters in Dubai

At Yes! Maam we provide the best and cheap babysitter in Dubai for part-time and full-time to care for your kids of all ages who are in need of supervision. We also offer live-in and live-out babysitters for newborns, kids, and nurses for new mothers.

We provide personal and unique experiences for mothers and children in the parenthood journey. We assist mothers step by step on how to take care of themselves and their baby, and our well-qualified and trained nurses support the mothers in the journey from pregnancy to parenthood. 

Our babysitters are normally responsible for planning activities for the kids and supervising playdates. Though, for some extra money, few babysitters may be willing to take on additional responsibilities like cooking, light housekeeping, driving kids to school to and from planned activities, and helping with homework.

Baby sitter Services at home

Babysitting Service

Newborn Care

  • Practical help for mother
  • Reliable & Expert Support
  • Progressive newborn experience
  • Support in establishing a routine
Babysitting Service

Baby Sitter

  • Ensure child’s safety & care
  • Fully expert & qualified nurses
  • Incorporate activities suitable for the age
  • Take care of evolving and emotional needs
Babysitting Service

Postnatal Home Nurse

  • Maternal health evaluation
  • Assist & guide on baby feeding
  • General health estimation of newborn
  • Care for maternal emotional health problems
Babysitting Service

Babysitting service in Dubai Hotels

  • Shape a wide range of art and craft activities
  • Hotels provide reliable in-room babysitting
  • The sitter can accompany you to the resort or outdoor
  • Parents can have stress-free alone time
Babysitting Service

Babysitting service in Dubai Schools

  • Help students in their studies
  • Take care and safety of small kids
  • Guiding students toward qualities in the classroom
  • Help students increase confidence and responsibility
Babysitting Service

Babysitting service in homes and Events

  • Flexible Day and Night shift
  • Give pick and drop to the sitters
  • Trustworthy and Reliable Services
  • Subscription at a reasonable price
Babysitting Service

Newborn care services

Our experienced and DHA-approved nurses are trained in providing complete care to infants.
Our maternity nurses give you complete support to take care of your new-born baby, such as:- 
  • Handling a New-born (Including Carefully supporting the baby’s neck)
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Maintain good hygiene (bathing, Changing a diaper, dressing, oral care)
  • Breastfeeding Assistance (Sterilizing feeding bottles)
  • Sleep training
  • Baby Massage
  • Weaning
  • Baby Health Management

If you want more information on new-born care in Dubai  or baby sitting in Dubai, contact us now for a free consultation and book caregivers for your young ones.

Child care services

All of our child caregivers are fully trained, and DHA-approved Licensed Nurses help you to take care of your child when you are away.
Whether you are a Dubai resident or visitor, Yes Maam is always ready to care for your little ones. Our baby sitting in Dubai is available 24/7 anywhere &anytime in Dubai. Just book an appointment; we will provide assistance to your doorstep within 60min. Our caregivers understand your child’s needs & offer great support, such as:-
  • Engage Your children in healthy habits & hygiene.
  • School pick up and drop service
  • Engage your children in physical, mental &emotional necessity
  • support children with homework
  • Help with toilet training
  • Take care of other instructions or requirements from parents.

As a parent, we want everything best for our children. Our baby sitting in Dubai is well trained to support every parent and child’s requirements.

Yes! Maam offers childcare services in Homes and Hotels, which can book anywhere and anytime.
Babysitting Service
Babysitting Service
Babysitting Service
Babysitting Service
Babysitting Service

Postnatal Home Nurse

Having a child is a very different and life-changing experience at Yes! Maam, our postnatal home care is here to support you through the early stages of motherhood, offering new mothers abundant time to relax and develop a solid bond with their little ones. Our postnatal nurse team has attendants with years of experience giving all-inclusive care and help to new mothers, keeping customized needs and preferences in mind.

  • Help Changing the diapers
  • Feeding the baby on time
  • Bathing and changing cloths
  • Ensure hygiene and care for Circumcision

Babysitting service in Dubai Hotels

At Yes! Maam, we provide babysitting service for hotels so that you can enjoy and have some “me time” while on vacation. We provide the babysitting service in the room as our babysitters are well trained and help kids engage in creative activities.

  • Help to feed and maintain hygiene
  • Make fun activities for kids to keep occupied
  • Flexible timing for evening and morning shifts
Babysitting Service

Babysitting service in Dubai Schools

At Yes! Maam, we provide nurses and babysitters because sometimes students need help during the class with basic needs or with school work. Few students have delayed milestones, making them a little slow to understand the instructions, or they need one-on-one help to understand the directions so that you can contact the Yes! Maam for the sitter.

  • Ensure students are following the directions
  • Help them in performing the school work

Help kids with developing confidence

Babysitting service in Events

So many times, you might have to attend an important event, but you don’t have anyone else to look after the baby, or you don’t want to leave the baby alone at home for this issue Yes! Maam provides babysitters. Babysitters can be hired for a few hours to weeks or even days.

  • Pick and drop provided by the company
  • The professional uniformed sitter can accompany to the event
  • Sitters are available for per hour at a reasonable price
Babysitting Service

Babysitter checklist

Other than being qualified and certified, the parents need one responsible individual with whom they can trust their kids and who also knows first aid and basic safety measures.

The babysitter needs to know emergency numbers in Dubai

Have contact information of parents and emergency guardians

Kid’s medication and if have any food allergies, each kid

Kid's bedtime, toileting habits, and if any other specification

No friends or family visiting during working hours

Baby Sitting in Dubai Services are available at:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does babysitting cost?

At Yes! Maam per hour of babysitting is 60 AED, but Babysitting costs vary according to weekly and monthly packages. Yes! Maam offers a minimum of four hours of babysitting service.

2.Which Nationality babysitter do you have?

Yes! Maam offers a wide variety of babysitters to choose from because at Yes! Maam, the caregivers, are Pilipino, Indian, Nepal, and African ethnicity.

3. Do you offer babysitting nurses for newborns?

At yes! Maam, our babysitters, are highly professional, DHA approved, and can help new mothers care for babies

Babysitting Service

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