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Elderly Care Services Dubai
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We Provide the Elderly Care Service in Dubai

Elderly care in Dubai, Home Health Care Services

Elderly care in Dubai, A family member can’t take care of elders in a busy schedule. Yes! Maam is here to provide complete elderly home health care services, the best home care service in Dubai support to your elders whenever you need it. As we grow older, our (elderly home care dubai) elders face disorders like dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis, injury, etc. And in such conditions, they want someone to take care of them every time. So, Yes! Maam, provide full support to your elderly care centres dubai once whenever required. 

You can get in touch with us for senior citizen care at home, elderly home care in sharjah, and Elderly care in Dubai at your fingertips.We have experienced nurses trained to care for older people in their own houses. We intend to assist people in improving their lifestyles and live their life without any support, we help to assist them in their home as per their need. Our professional nurses look after your elder ones with quality care and affection. Our nurses help patients to recover fast and live their life. Yes! maam is the best option for elderly care in dubai.

Elderly Care Services Dubai

Elderly care Services at home

Conditions We Treat

Elderly Care Services Dubai

General Care

  • Diabetes care
  • Care After Surgery
  • Care after any injury
Elderly Care Services Dubai

Degenerative Brain Condition

  • Arthritis management
  • Parkinson’s
  • Alzheimer’s
Elderly Care Services Dubai

Personal Care

  • Support in Bed making
  • Medication Management
  • Help maintain Hygiene
Elderly Care Services Dubai

Care after stroke

  • Wound care
  • Help With Toileting
  • Fall risk management
  • Pressure Sore Management
Elderly Care Services Dubai

Assisting in physical activities

  • Support in walking
  • Muscles strengthening
  • Balance activities
Elderly Care Services Dubai

Rehabilitative care

  • Subacute Rehabilitation
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation
  • Ventilator Rehabilitation
Elderly Care Services Dubai

General Care

At yes! Maam we provide the best qualified and DHA-approved nurses for elderly care in Dubai. We provide general care services for the elderly care at home, like wide-ranging care after surgery.

General Care elderly care Services at home Dubai

  • We have DHA-approved nurses for elderly home care to help patients in need.
  • Our home nurses ensure that our clients are well managed.
  • The qualified nursing staff ensures to improve the quality of life.

Degenerative Brain Condition

With time as age grows, the health deteriorates; as a result, neurons in the brain die as the diseases progress. The elderly person loses vital intellectual functions like memory, Speech, and latitudinal skills.

Degenerative Brain Condition elderly care Services at home in Dubai

  • Degenerative brain condition causes elderly people to forget, so our competent nurses help them with day-to-day household work.
  • Our nurses help them to maintain medication and daily routine.
  • Nurses help elderly patients to maintain healthy physical activity.
  • Alzheimer’s is uncurable, so professional help has to give them medication on time to suppress the troubling symptoms.
Elderly Care Services Dubai
Elderly Care Services Dubai

Personal Care

Elderly patients need assistance in personal care as their brain activity slowdowns, so sometimes they even need help with very basic cognitive skills like holding a glass or a plate.

Personal elderly care Services at home in Dubai

  • Elderly patients support in Bed making daily as they have limited physical movements.
  • If elderly patients have Alzheimer’s or Arthritis, they need to take medication regularly, so the management of medicine is really important.
  • it’s very important to maintain personal Hygiene as elderly people keep on forgetting, so they might forget to inform about the toilet visit.

Stroke is not a disease for elderly people, but elderly people mostly get strokes, and as a result of a stroke, the patient becomes bedridden. Hence, a qualified nurse is the only solution to care for elderly patients.

After a stroke, elderly care Services at home in Dubai.

  • Being in bed 24/7 makes patients have wounds, and if not taken care of properly, can become bed sores.
  • If the patients are bedridden, they need constant help with Toileting and Personal Hygiene.
  • Since stroke patients most of the time have speech issues, there is a risk of not getting on-time help if they don’t have a full-time qualified nurse to care for them.

Elderly patients mostly have limited physical activities, so they constantly need support with day-to-day activities like bathing, exercising, and basic things like walking.

Physical activities elderly care Services at home in Dubai

  • An elderly person needs constant support for basic physical activities, even like walking.
  • Muscle strengthening is very important for the elderly, so our expert nurses will help them with basic mobility exercises.
  • Balancing activities are also needed to be practiced for an elderly person.

Rehabilitation is much more important than recovery or simple care because if the patients have strokes or trauma, they need some serious help for longer. 

Rehabilitative elderly care Services at home in Dubai

  • Sometimes elderly patients don’t get recovered without intense therapy or medical assistance so that nurses can help the patients in rehabilitation.
  • Through rehabilitation, the elderly patient regains their independence.
  • Rehabilitation improves the quality of life for elderly patients, so they need personal help.

Book Nurse In Easy Steps

To book a home nursing service for elderly care, you are at the right place to choose from our DHA-approved nurses from the web portal.

Book our service, add and proceed with the session and book our DHA-approved nurse available in Dubai.

You can get in touch with a qualified, expert, and professional nurses.

Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

The simple act of caring is calling Yes! maam

Elderly care in Dubai is just one call away

Why choose Yes! Maam for elderly care service?

Elderly Care Services Dubai


At yes! Maam we provide (vita elderly care complex dubai) DHA-approved nurses who are highly trained and qualified. Our nurses are committed to providing services to support the family and old patients.

Elderly Care Services Dubai

Personalized Care

For the best-personalized care for your loved ones, we have our nurses who are experts and have the practical knowledge to treat and care for elderly patients.

Elderly Care Services Dubai

Pick and Drop

At yes! Maam, we give pick and drop service to the nurse at the patient’s home, so you don’t have to worry about them arriving on time. So, nurses don’t reach the destination exhausted.


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Frequently Asked Questions!

1) What service do we provide for seniors in Dubai?

Yes Ma’am provide full support to your elder whenever required. You can get in touch with us for senior citizen care at home and Elderly care in Dubai at your fingertips.

2) Why elderly care is important?

There are many benefits to elderly care, which can help your loved one lead a healthy, productive life. An elderly care specialist can help your loved one age gracefully, with caregivers able to monitor health, aid with medication management, offer companionship, offer social interactions, and more.

3) What does elderly care include?

Elderly care refers to a set of services that help elderly people with activities of daily life like eating, dressing, bathing, and taking medications.


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