Hijama in Dubai Wet Cupping Therapy

350.00 AED

Experience the time-tested benefits of Hijama, a traditional wet cupping therapy, right here in Dubai. At Physio, we merge age-old healing wisdom with contemporary techniques to provide a refreshing experience beyond mere symptom relief.
About Hijama Wet Cupping Therapy:
Hijama, or wet cupping, is an ancient therapeutic method where cups are placed on specific points on the body to create suction. Hijama promotes blood flow, detoxifies the body, and aids in healing many conditions. Administered by our trained professionals, the treatment alleviates pain and rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit.

 In-Clinic Service Rates:

  • 12 Cups: 200.00 AED
  • 18 Cups: 300.00 AED
  • 24 Cups: 350.00 AED

Home Service Rates:

  • 12 Cups: 350.00 AED
  • 18 Cups: 450.00 AED
  • 24 Cups: 500.00 AED

For those who value the serenity and convenience of their personal spaces, Physio is proud to extend its Hijama wet cupping therapy to your homes.

Elevate your well-being with the Physiotherapy Hijama service. Discover healing the way nature intended.



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