What Is Depression?

What Is Depression?

The illness that distresses how you feel, act or even think this illness is known as depression. People suffering from depression can feel a loss of interest or sadness, affecting their ability to function productively. Luckily, it’s treatable now with medication or therapy.

Symptoms of depression

Various signs show that person is depressed and unable to conduct regular daily work with incredible difficulty. People feel a lack of interest in anything they do and, if they have to, will try to bear the minimum.

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Always feeling sad
  • Weight gain or lose
  • Feeling insignificant
  • Hard to make a decision
  • Unable to find anything interesting

Reasons of depression

There are many causes of depression, but the two prominent are biological and psychological. Diseases travel in family, and sometimes people are affected by the circumstances or hostile environment they are suffering from.

What Is Depression?

Biological Reason:

Biological reason includes nutritional deficiencies as if you have vitamin B and vitamin C or Hormonal imbalance such as thyroid disease. If you have diabetes, you have the tendency to develop depression if you are suffering from a chronic illness such as epilepsy or rheumatism, even if the patient finds out that they have a long-lasting and incurable disease like HIV or cancer that also plays a part in the person being depressed.

Phycological Reason:

Suppose someone lives in a hostile household, has some traumatic experience in any stage of life, or has chronic stress. This stress can be because of loss of business or job, marital disagreements, or they have lost of any near or dear one due to death or separation.

Treatment of depression: 

It is a sign of relief that depression has a cure now, but the treatment varies from person to person as you can go to a session with a psychologist, or if it’s chronic, you might need to take medication for the depression. Behavioral therapy can also be an option if the doctor suggests it.


Antidepressants are prescribed after the doctor’s check-up and may differ from person to person. These medications are not sedatives or habit-forming generally; they don’t have any stimulating effect on the people affected by depression. Depending on the patient’s condition, these antidepressants may work, but their results are visible after two to three months.


If the depression is mild, then it can be treated with therapy, too, out of all Cognitive behavioral therapy has been quite effective as it’s a problem-solving therapy it helps the person to identify the negative thoughts and urge them to change their behavior and thoughts and be more positive towards the life.


Self-helping in depression

If you are a depression patient, several things can be done to fight depression.

  • meditation
  • Exercise daily
  • Be more active
  • Ask family support
  • Positive self-pampering
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Take enough quality sleep
  • Attending therapy sessions

When to seek help

If you feel alone and unable to fight the depression, go to the doctor, take therapy or medication as prescribed by the doctor or if you know someone who is struggling with depression, help them get medical help and counseling. Yesmaam offers the best home care service in Dubai.

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