COVID-19 on the escalation

COVID-19 on the escalation

Rise of Covid-19
Once again, COVID-19 cases are rises, as the COVID-19 restrictions were relaxed, and people took advantage of it; hence stopped using masks and practicing social distancing, and all this carelessness resulted in a pandemic-like
situation around the world. The hospitalization rate is relatively high; every day, more people are having serious COVID-19 symptoms and landing in intensive care units. Although COVID-19 cases are still high, it has not gone to the level of a pandemic where more people are dying and fewer are recovering.


Vaccine for Covid-19

The vaccine is quite helpful in controlling the pandemic, but the vaccination rate is not good in third-world countries as it’s better in developed countries. Parents are recommended to vaccinate their kids as soon as possible and make them completely protected. With the passage of time, the age limit is being minimized, and now babies from 6 months to 5 years are also now eligible for the vaccine. Vaccines are safe and are continuously monitored as the vaccines for kids are different from those for adults. 


COVID-19 restrictions

Now the governments are planning to reinforce COVID-19 restrictions because of the rising number of COVID-19 cases. People are advised to wear masks indoors and exercise social distancing; if they contract with COVID 19 virus, try to limit their movement and take medication and vitamins properly; if they feel difficulty breathing, contact the medical professional to get the necessary medicines. But the currently available data do not suggest that the COVID 19 cases have not become pandemic like before. Even after improving and getting better from COVID-19, you can experience health difficulties for quite a long period of time. 

COVID-19 on the escalation

 The situation is no different in UAE 1,609 cases were registered, out of which 1,584 recovered, and only one died. So, currently, new 17,385 cases are active and under treatment. Govt issued a warning before Eid for people to be careful and practice social distance. Cover your face and cough and sneeze while covering your face, as it is a social responsibility while you are in public. 

If there are any signs of COVID-19, you should contact the Yes! Maam health care home service.


Our Services

Call our helpline at Yes! Maam and book PCR at the lowest possible price; not only the PCR test, but you can also book the Doctor’s on-call service too because if you are a COVID-19 patient, you can’t go out, so this service can be beneficial for you. Moreover, you can also use our medical store service too. Yes! Maam is a one-stop-shop for you to get all sorts of medical health services in Dubai too at a very economical price, best home care service in Dubai with professional and qualified staff to satisfy your and your family’s needs. Our team will also be great at providing New Born Care.


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