Pap Smear Test in Dubai

Pap Smear Test in Dubai

A pap smear test is done for the female to detect cervical cancer. In this test, medical professionals collect the cells from the lower end of the uterus. This test helps in the early detection of cervical’s cancer and gives a much better chance of cure. A pap smear can also help you to know the changes in the cell; from that, you can discover, is there any chance of cervical cancer in the future.

Pap Smear Test in Dubai

Requirement of Pap smear test 

Few women have more chances of cancer than others, so at the age of 25, the screening pap smear could be started. And if unfortunately, you have HIV or a weakened immune system, you might need it more often. So, irrespective of age and sexual activity, get pap smear tests because HPV can be inactive for a long time and suddenly become active. A pap smear is recommended for females with a cervix, but those who got no history of cervical cancer or removed hysterectomy don’t need the test.

Pap Smear Test in Dubai

How frequently are pap smear needed

The age limit for the pap smear test is 25. The female from 25 years to 65 years old need to take a pap smear type test once every three years, and above 30 women who have a combined pap smear test with HPV need it every five years.

If you have the following sort of risk factors:

  • If you are detected with cervical cancer.
  • Before birth, exposed to the diethylstilbestrol
  • Infected with the HIV
  • Weak immune system due to organ transplant
    Pap Smear Test in Dubai

Consult the doctor, and your medical specialist will recommend how often you need a pap smear as they will tell you the benefits of the frequent tests.

why pap smear test after delivery

Suppose the result of your last pap smear was normaland at the time of your next pap smear, you are pregnant. You can delay till three months after delivering a baby, but if your test were not normal you would have to take the pap smear during pregnancy as it’s safe. Usually, it’s done between thirteen to twenty-six weeks. You don’t need the pap smear just because you have given birth to a baby.

Things to Avoid before Pap smear 

Before conducting a test pap smear, you must consider a few things to ensure accurate results.

  1. Make sure to avoid using any vaginal medicines or spermicidal foam
  2. Avoid intercourse for at least two days before the test
  3. Don’t schedule tests during the menstrual cycle

Pap smear test procedure 

It only takes a couple of minutes to conduct Pap smear; for this test, you might be asked to undress from the waist down.

Following are the steps medical health professionals will perform.

  1. Doctor will tell you to lie down on your back
  2. Lie down with the knee bent
  3. Heels rest in stirrups support on the exam table
  4. The doctor will slide a speculum into the vagina
  5. The speculum holds the walls of the vagina apart for the doctor to see
  6. Then the doctor will take samples with a soft brush and spatula

This procedure is very simple, and the pain-free patient might feel a little sensation or pressure because of the speculum inserted by the doctor to perform the test.

Frequently Asked Question

will the pap smear test be painful? 

No, tests like pap smear are not at all painful, but you might feel a little sensation because of the speculum.

Pap smear with bleeding/period?

A Pap smear can’t be conducted during the period or menstrual cycle.

What happens if you don’t get a pap smear?

If you don’t get a pap smear, the cells might develop into cervical cancer in the long run.

Is a pap smear necessary during pregnancy?

It’s only required if your last test was not normal and you had to retake the test during thirteen to twenty-six weeks.

Can pap smear tests detect HPV? 

A Pap smear doesn’t detect HPV, but sometimes a pap smear test gives a hint that HPV is present.

Pap smear tests age limit?

At 21 or 25 years of age, the screening pap smear test could be started.

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