COVID-19 Important Protocols: Back to school

COVID-19 Important Protocols: Back to school

So, the new academic year 2022 – 2023 is about to start, summer vacations are over, and now more than one million students are ready to go back to school. The UAE health authorities have advised the schools to complete all the covid-19 safety measures to well come students back to the schools. Giving the results of the PCR test in Dubai schools is a must.
COVID-19 Important Protocols: Back to school

Covid safety protocols for Back to school

UAE authorities and National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority announced the covid-19 safety protocols for schools and students on Tuesday.

  • Temperature checking is no longer necessary in schools 
  • Social distancing is no more compulsory in the schools
  • Students and teachers can attend classes remotely until recovery 
  • Hand sanitization and wearing masks are mandatory for all 
  • Teaching staff also have to produce PCR Test in Dubai for schools
  • Students above 12 years must show negative PCR 
  • August 29 is the 1st day of school after vacation 
  • The PCR Test in Dubai should not exceed 96 hours before August 29 
  • Unvaccinated university students have to give the PCR test in Dubai result for the Al Hosn App
    COVID-19 Important Protocols: Back to school

Back to School Visit Protocols 

Back to school is the most significant event in Dubai, parents and kids are both excited for the new school year, and all the leading brands have back-to-school sales. With all the festivities, the Dubai authorities have issued protocols for the students, teachers, and assisting staff in making the environment safe. Still, now the covid-19 protocols are not as hard as they were previously. 

 Now, schools don’t have to sanitize each and every staff on each visit to schools, and thermal screening is also relaxed, but if someone from the staff or students has a high temperature, they will be shifted to school from home or work from home until they are recovered from the infection. Social distancing is also a bit more relaxed than before.


Maintaining Hygiene in school

The schools are advised to maintain the hygiene level in Dubai schools during the new school year. Wearing masks and frequent sanitization is very important to ensure the safety of the staff and students. The schools have to ensure that students in buses also maintain good hygiene levels and wear face masks all the time. 

COVID-19 Important Protocols: Back to school

 First Day Back of School 

The first day back to school is generally used to get students back to the school and its routine, recreating the classroom environment and exchanging the summer experiences with each other. In Summer, so many times students have spent at home in front of screens, so for younger kids, it may be a little difficult to go and sit in the classrooms. 

First Back to School Tips for Parents

Parents always have a crucial part to play in the kids’ life, so parents have to help students prepare well for back to school after summer vacations.  

  • Sterilize the lunch boxes and water bottles 
  • Tell students not to share their lunch with others  
  • Educate them about social distancing and covid protocols 
  • Parents need to help kids to prepare with school supplies 
  • Other than school supplies, make sure to put the extra face mask 
  • Give personal Hand sanitizer to your kids and ask them to use them frequently
    COVID-19 Important Protocols: Back to school

First Back to School Tips for Teachers 

Just like parents, teachers also have a very important role to play in the life of students because, at a young age, students idealize their teachers more. So, teachers must ensure that the students follow the classroom rules. 

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