WHO warn’s About Monkey Pox

WHO warn’s About Monkey Pox

Monkey pox:  Tip of an iceberg 
As monkey pox cases are on the rise, WHO warns that it could just be the tip of an ice burg. As after registering 200+ monkey pox cases now Europe is already an epicenter of the monkey pox outside Africa and European office of WHO warned that summer festive season can help it to amplify as most of the recent cases were related to the large gatherings as all the Corona travel and social gathering bans are lifted in Europe.
All those cases which are reported till date shows that currently the monkey pox virus is being transmitted through sexual activities, not in all cases but mostly cases are from the gay communities where people have one or more sexual partners. Since the travel and social gathering ban was lifted, there is a potential danger of its wide spread in Europe or other regions, according to the WHO.
At such an early stage, it’s impossible to guess that will we need to take the same measures as Covid-19, and is it really possible to contain the spread entirely. According to the WHO, the risk of monkey pox spreading to the public is low. but we need to work on educating the commoners and to limit its transmission by engaging gay organizations in their communities. If you have new or more than one sexual partner and you experience any rash, ulcers, blisters or any visible spots on skin contact a medical professional for the in time Professional Help.


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