Oral Supplementation or IV Therapy: Which Is Better?

Oral Supplementation or IV Therapy: Which Is Better?

Taking a healthy and balanced diet is very important. Mostly individuals, while taking food, choose taste over essential nutrients so, if you are unable to have healthy food you may take IV therapy to full fill the nutrition needs. Every individual has different needs according to the needs of physical activity, food, gender, age, and health conditions, and if you don’t take necessary nutrients, it can cause nutrition imbalance which leads to many health issues which are not so visible in the start. So, to feel at your best, you need to have a balanced diet and take supplements if missing from the diet.

Signs of nutritional deficiency

Nutritional deficiency can cause serious health issues and affect an individual’s well-being and daily life. These are a few signs of a lack of nutrients in the body;

  • Dry skin
  • Muscular pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sleeping issues
  • Dry and ruffed hair
  • Digestive problems

To check if you have a nutritional deficiency or not Yes Maam is offering a number of different tests.

Tests at Yes Maam clinic

Yes Maam is offering a number of diagnostic tests at very economical rates. We are also offering the best home care service in Dubai; our certified and expert DHA-approved nurses will come to your home, hotel, event, and school to collect the sample.

Vitamin Profile -2 Parameters

At Yes Maam, we offer a vitamin profile test that includes Vitamin D and Vitamin B12; the results will be provided within 12 hours after taking the sample.

Basic Fitness Package

If you are young and don’t have any visible health issues, it doesn’t mean you are healthy and have no health issues. So, we are providing a basic fitness package, which includes a CBC test, Lipid profile test, urine routine analysis, and Liver function test.

If you have a nutritional deficiency, the best option is to take the supplements, and then it is up to you; how to take the supplements in the form of tablets or capsules and IV therapy.

IV therapy

At Yes Maam we are offering different types of IV therapies to fulfill the nutritional deficiencies of the individuals. We have the option of antistress, antioxidant, skin whitening, and immunity booster drips. These are the basic four types of booster drips;

Anti-stress & Antioxidant Boosts Infusion

Skin Whitening Glutathione iv drip Dubai

Immune Boosts Infusion

Energy Boosts Infusion

At yes Maam we provide the best home care service in Dubai; getting tests or IV therapy at home is the best thing as it’s really comfortable to stay in the comfort of your home and clinical services travel to your home to provide health care services. There are hundreds of benefits to getting the best home care service in Dubai.

Benefits Of Home Care Service

There are many plus points of having home care services not only for elderly individuals but also for everyone because it saves time and money.

  • Stay in the care of family
  • Stay in the comfort of the home
  • You don’t have to wait in the clinic
  • Saves the travel time to the facility
  • Home service gives a higher satisfaction level
  • At-home care is always personalized and customized

At Yes Maam we deliver the best home care service in Dubai to match the lifestyle of an individual. Because life is very mechanical in Dubai, people don’t have time to work out and prepare proper food which is full of nutrients, so to make up for that, Yes Maam provides supplements and booster IVs to make them healthy inside out.

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