Hijama Therapy: Wet Cupping and its Benefits

Hijama Therapy: Wet Cupping and its Benefits

Hijama Cupping Therapy Dubai

There are many therapies practiced by the psychotherapist; one of them is Cupping or Hijama therapy. Cupping is the most effective and one of the oldest ways of releasing toxins from the organs and muscular tissues. In this type of Physiotherapy In Dubai, our therapist puts suction cups on the skin after cleaning it thoroughly. The suction under the cup is drawn up and swollen, which increases blood flow to the affected area, and all the toxins and impurities are drawn out from the tissues toward the surface.

Different types of Cupping techniques

There are many different types of cupping techniques, but two prominent and famous cupping techniques are;

Hijama Therapy

if you are suffering from any sort of pain or muscular discomfort you can opt for the Hijama for pain relief. For Hijama, Physiotherapy In Dubai uses different numbers of cups to create a vacuum at the point of the problem. Using a sterile surgical blade or razor after disinfecting, light scratches are made then suction cups are placed on those cuts to eliminate the toxins and contaminations from the body. Removing these toxins from the body can heal many health and medical issues.

 This type of physiotherapy In Dubai, the expert uses rubber pumps to create the suction instead of using the burning device to avoid rashes and burning. The cups are used on the skin for a maximum of twenty minutes to have positive effects. We At Yes Maam offers six, twelve, and twenty-four cups according to the condition which is to be treated. the suction cups can be placed on legs, arms, head, back, stomach, or other body parts having pain or muscular discomfort. 

Hijama Therapy: Wet Cupping and its Benefits

Benefits of Hijama Therapy

Hijama is a smooth and peaceful procedure. There are several advantages of having Hijama therapy. This procedure is mostly used to treat different types of pain be it lower back pain, muscular pain, sciatica, and headache. 

  • Inflammation and pain can be treated by this therapy
  • Wet Cupping regulates the blood flow
  • Its economical and safe treatment
  • Hijama therapy strengthens the immune system
  • Wet Cupping simplifies the healing process
  • It can be used to treat blood pressure
  • Hijama is suitable for treating depression and anxiety
  • The Hijama can also treat gynecological issues

Side-effects of Hijama Therapy 

Since Hijama is not a severe or high-risk therapy so there are very minimal side effects on the body, and if there are any few are;

  • Rashes or suction marks
  • Dizziness or nausea is experienced
  • You might feel fatigued
  • You could feel the muscular sourness
  • Skin infections like scarring or itching

At Yes Maam, our professional and experienced therapist, performs Physiotherapy In Dubai to treat different medical conditions. We provide proper consultation with our therapist before conducting Hijama therapy, explain the therapy and take the consent for the therapy. We make sure the surface and instruments are serialized, and a high hygiene level is maintained. Skin conditions are also taken into consideration so that sensitive skin doesn’t react and cause a problem for the patients. 

After performing Hijama therapy, proper wound care is done; our therapist applies antiseptic cream to prevent any kind of infection. After conducting the session, proper dressing is done to avoid complications for the patients. The patients get an antibiotic bandage and ointment to prevent infection. Your skin will look normal again within ten days of the procedure.

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