Post-natal Care at home 

Post-natal Care at home 

Post-natal Care 

Post-natal Care is the attention for the mother and the baby from birth till six weeks; the primary goal of home health care is to promote the mother and baby’s physical well-being. Post-natal Care will allow to not only educate the new mother about how to care for the newborn baby’s feeding, changing, and bathing. Post-natal training enables new mothers to develop parental skills to accomplish the particular role expected of them because the absence of such skills might result in the death of the mother and child.

Post-natal Care at Home

Being a mother is a very different and life-changing experience for women as the female body is complex and very delicate. If women don’t receive proper care and medical help, they can have some specific types of health issues. So, the new mother and her infant need continuous support, medication, post-pregnancy healthy food, and monitoring to survive and recover the energy to keep doing daily chores.

Post-natal Care at home 

Benefits of Post-natal Care at home 

Post-natal Care is a challenging time for the child and especially the mother as she goes through many health changes, fear, and stress. During that period, she needs to have home care to help not only her but the baby and tell her the techniques to handle the newborn.

  • Umbilical cord care
  • First aid knowledge
  • Help a new mother with breastfeeding
  • Basic baby care tips and demonstration
  • Home care will guarantee the sound sleep
  • Help to establish a sleeping routine for baby
  • Encourage kid’s skin-to-skin interaction with parents
  • Have excellent and healthy communication with the parents
  • Post-natal Care at home help with newborn support

Services in Post-natal Care at home 

At Yes Maam we provide post-natal home care services for the mother and child. Our nurses are qualified, well-trained, DHA-approved, and ready to help reduce the burden so that the mother can improve her life and daily routine until she is recovered.


Care and support for mother: 

The woman who has just become a new mother and has no previous knowledge of handling a newborn, how to set the routine and how to feed them properly, all this can lead to depression and anxiety. The new mother suffers so many issues like;

  • What to eat for fast recovery
  • Wound care for the patient
  • Post-operation mobility exercises
  • The proper way of breastfeeding
  • Physiotherapists can allow the massages for mother and child

Post-natal Care at home 

Care and support for Newborn: 

A newborn baby needs some special kind of attention and care that a new or first-time mother might not know, and it will result in frustration and depression and which can consume the mother’s health. Our experience and certified nurse can provide much-needed help. Our certified and professional babysitters assist the mother in the following things;

  • Maintaining the basic hygiene
  • Supporting mothers in breastfeeding
  • Babysitters in Dubai give babies full body massage
  • Our babysitters assist in kids-related chores like
  • Babysitters in Dubai help with feeding, bathing, changing,
  • Putting them to sleep and making a routine for them
  • Healing the colicky baby is also the responsibility of babysitters in Dubai

At Yes Maam we provide nurse for mother care if the mother is having some serious health issue after the delivery and we also have babysitters in Dubai service to cater to the needs of the new parents so that our babysitters can provide the much-needed help. As new parents are lost at the start and have no idea how to protect newborns or how to maintain their hygiene and mold their bedtime and make a schedule so that mothers can have a sound sleep for a quick and better recovery. If you want to hire a babysitter or post-natal care nurse contact Yes maam home care service.

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