COVID-19: Vaccine for teens and children

COVID-19: Vaccine for teens and children

Authorities have recommended vaccines as well as boosters for Children from five to seventeen. Govts all around the world is providing free of cost. Govts encourage families to get their kids vaccinated to prevent them from the COVID and if your kids have any allergies inform the medical professional to avoid any serious situation. Most of the people don’t know what is PCR test at Home or what to do if you are COVID 19 Positive.
Corona is a highly contagious disease and this is something of great risk for those who are not vaccinated yet included kids. So, authorities have advised to get all the staff, teachers and kids to get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible. Schools are also directed to practice social distancing as well as other protective measures to contain the spread of COVID infection.

Need of Vaccination for Kids and Teens:

Since the pandemic schools are closed as its very hard to make kids wear masks and use sanitizers all the time. And social distancing for kids in school and on the playground is quite impossible too, so it’s very important to get kids and teens vaccinated as schools are reopening, and if kids are not vaccinated, they can spread COVID at a very large scale.

Side effects after COVID-19 vaccination:

Just like adults’ kids and teens, too, feel the after effects of the vaccination, which may affect the daily routine. Sometimes they might feel fever, tiredness, chills, dizziness, joint pain, and pain at the site where they got the injection. But all these symptoms should be ok within a week, or if it lingers on, then consult a doctor.

COVID-19 vaccine dosage:
The COVID -19 vaccine has similar ingredients as given to any kid or teens, but the dosage is adjusted according to age. Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines given to kids age 12 or older cannot be given to kids less than 12. If your child got COVID positive after getting shot, they get infected with COVID, then wait for them to complete isolation period can take a second shot. And normally the gap between the first and second COVID doses is a minimum of eight weeks. You can do home PCR test in Dubai to get much faster results if your kid is affected with corona Virus


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