Monkey pox a viral disease “Symptoms and safety”

Monkey pox a viral disease “Symptoms and safety”

Monkey pox

Monkey pox is a sporadic/Contiguous virus, it belongs to the variola virus which causes smallpox. The first ever case of monkeypox was registered in 1970 in Congo since then occasionally we got news of people being infected in central and a few western African countries by monkeypox. The cases outside of Africa were registered in 20 countries including the UK, the US, Israel, and Singapore which were the result of international travel from that region or animal imports.

After the corona, the world is witnessing another infectious outbreak of monkeypox Germany, the US, Australia, UAE, and many other countries have reported their first cases and are researching extensively to find the root cause of this recent outbreak. Monkey pox virus enters the body through any fragmented skin, breathing or mouth, eyes, nose, mouth. In extreme cases of monkeypox human to human transmission is commonly through the mouth or respiratory droplets and animal-to-human transmission may occur through a scratch or bite.

Early symptoms of monkeypox

The early symptoms of monkeypox are fever, fatigue, muscular weakness, and the sudden appearance of rashes on the skin so people are advised to seek immediate medical help if they experience any sort of rashes. This virus spreads when an individual has a quite close encounter with one who is already infected with monkey pox.

The current outbreak is seen in bisexual and gay people and during the initial stages of the monkeypox virus rashes appear in the perianal and genital parts, sometimes it looks like chickenpox, herpes, or syphilis. Depending on the available history of monkey and smallpox doctors are of the view that monkeypox is less spreadable than smallpox.

There is no specific treatment for the cure of monkeypox so whoever contracted with this virus is isolated and monitored 24/7 by health professionals. For the prevention of the monkeypox vaccine named Jynneos is available having two dosages, is also used for smallpox.

Even though it’s contagious and spreading but mostly monkey pox cases are mild and all the recent cases had no links with each other and don’t even have any recent travel history but still were infected from the common spread in the community. Right now, we are not at the brim of any outbreak but still, we need to be careful.

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