Dry Cupping: Does It Help?

Dry Cupping: Does It Help?


Since everyone is interested in remedial therapy with minimal to no side effects that’s why dry cupping is trending these days; Cupping isn’t a new thing, as it’s a Chinese and middle eastern technique used in older times to heal pain and help normalize the energy flow in the body. Traditionally during this therapy, different types of cups are used in various sizes depending on the body part. 

Types of Dry Cups 

Following is the list of types of cups used for an ancient cupping session.

  • Silicone 
  • Glass Cups 
  • Plastic Cups 
  • Bamboo Cups 

Dry Cupping: Does It Help?

Conditions dry cupping treats

Dry cupping is mainly used to restore physical mobility and treat pain or chronic fatigue. Cupping may comfort symptoms of; 

  • High blood pressure 
  • Upper or lower back pain
  • Asthma or breathing issues 
  • Neck pain and shoulder pain 
  • Migraine or chronicle headache 

Dry Cupping Techniques

An expert medical doctor, physiotherapist, or acupuncturist can perform cupping treatment. First, the skin is cleaned, and then cups are placed on the skin to make suction. Suction can be produced by the traditional method of lighting alcohol-soaked cotton ball or now modern suction cups come with pull-out vacuum apparatus. The suction force from cupping opens up tiny blood vessels under the skin, which helps to heal the pain.

Cups are applied for five to seven minutes, depending on the situation and intensity of the pain or problem. Cupping helps in channeling energy flow as well as blood circulation as increased circulation lessens the muscular tension or spasm and repairs the muscular tissue. 

Side effects of Dry Cupping 

There are a few side effects of dry cupping in particular, but they are not very serious or life-threatening. 

  • You might feel a burning sensation 
  • Mild skin infection after removing cups  
  • Bruises on the spots where cups were placed 
  • Muscle soreness or strain for a day or two 

At Yes Maam, the best physiotherapy center, our expert physiotherapist offer thirty to thirty-five-minute sessions, starting with putting suction cups for seven to ten minutes. After removing the suction cups, patients are given different types of manual massages depending on the condition. In the end, five minutes of muscular relaxing therapy is performed, and if you have bruised or itching doctor might recommend some ointment. 

We at our best physiotherapy center; are using state-of-the-art medical equipment, and our physiotherapist is DHA-approved. We are also providing physiotherapy home service Dubai for those who want to have sessions in the comfort of their home. There are so many advantages of getting physiotherapy home service Dubai. You don’t have to travel, nor will you have to sit and wait for your turn and travel back to your home after the session. 


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