Setting Up Baby Nursery

Setting Up Baby Nursery

Setting up the baby nursery is the first and the most important thing after getting pregnant, so when the baby comes, you have proper space for them. While setting up the nursery, keep in mind the best blend of design and functionality for both mother and newborn babysitting, whether you are making a nursery in the master bedroom to keep the baby with parents or a separate small room. Setting up the nursery for your infant is an exciting process, and try to make the nursery as practical as you can, so it’s very important to keep it cozy.

Assessment of the Nursery Space

To make the nursery do an assessment for space, design, and style. Sort out the designs and take a second opinion from the expert or partner. Choose the space very carefully and make sure that child will be safe there. Make sure the space is open and has natural light and sunshine, and select colors, patterns, and furniture very carefully, which are child friendly.

Setting Up Baby Nursery

The functionality of the Baby Nursery

Make sure the nursery is functional as well as stylish because mothers need to use it for feeding the infants almost six to seven times so mothers will spend almost half of their time in the nursery, making the baby sleep, and changing the cloth and diapers. Some parents make play areas in the nursery. So it’s essential to keep the needs of the mother and child in mind.

Basic Nursery Furniture Items 

After choosing the space and design then comes the next step is to select the appropriate and child-friendly furniture. Basic nursery furniture includes the crib, nursing chair, closet, and changing dresser unit with few shelves. Choose the crib and mattress for the crib wisely, preferably the one that can be transformed into a bed so it can be used a bit longer because the crib can only be used for the first two years maximum.

Setting Up Baby Nursery

Make the nursery safe and comfortable

Making the baby nursery comfortable and safe is an important task, but that doesn’t mean setting up comfortable furniture only but also other things like setting up a baby monitor to keep an eye on the infant, heating and cooler to keep the temperature moderate, and air purifier/humidifier especially in winters. Try to hang heavy curtains because the baby needs complete light off while asleep, which helps the infant sleep longer and be much more comfortable.  

Storage in Baby Nursery

Last but not least important thing is storage in the baby nursery. Parents need to put a closet for storing the dresses, and drawers are required to keep nappies, wet wipes, basic medical equipment, medication, and vitamin drops. Other than this need a storage basket for toys and dirty laundry, as kids’ clothes cant be stored and washed with adult clothes. Parents also need to use specific detergents to wash infant clothes as using harmful or strong detergents can cause skin rashes or allergies. 

Setting Up Baby Nursery

Other than all these things, there are so many small things that are needed for new mothers. If you are not feeling well or fatigued, you can hire babysitters in Dubai from Yes Maam to lend a helping hand in setting up the nursery and making it ready before the baby’s arrival. Our babysitters in Dubai are well-experienced and certified. Newborn babysitting will be able to help the family with small details regarding the baby’s needs as they are experienced in their field. Babysitter Dubai we provide are certified, has not only babysitting experience in Dubai but also proper basic first aid training to help the family if some unfortunate situation occurs. 

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