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How Physiotherapy Help You to Reduce Back Pain?

How Physiotherapy Help You to Reduce Back Pain?

Back Pain

Back pain is the most common problem in day to day life and it doesn’t have any specific cause or any exact medical condition. It can be result of any previous injury or simply because of bad pasture and because of this very reason it’s the most common reason for absence from the work.

Signs you need medical help for the back pain: 

It depends on the time and intensity for how long and how much you are in pain and how much it is creating issues to perform day to day activities. There is time to stop using home remedies and consult doctor to get medical help before it upshots and become something serious.

Look for the signs:

  • If it’s been over a week and back pain is not going away
  • If the pain start travelling to the other body parts
  • If you are starting to feel numbness or tingling in limbs
  • If the pain gets sever in certain positions or specific times
  • If you are having problem while bowels or urinations
  • If you are old-person and suffering arthritis
  • Lifting quite heavy objects on daily basis
  • If you are gaining abnormal weight as it can put pressure on back
  • If the back pain you feeling after accident of falling is still there after getting first aid

Are you ready to fix back pain?

Of course whenever we have some medical issue we try to fix it with home remedies and if it doesn’t work we move to proper medical help but we should keep one thing in mind not to seek medical help late as back pain can effect nerves and it might lead to dangerous condition.

Home Remedies: 

We can start with yoga or exercises as back pain can be result of minor accident or bad posture and that sometimes need low aerobic activity, swimming or walking are also good remedies.

Try to be active and maintain body weight according to your BMI so that your back don’t be over strained and muscles can relaxed.

Quit smoking, drinking or other substances as such drugs increase your risk of health deterioration. So, eat and drink healthy to live happily ever.

Medication or Physiotherapy?

Medication or Physiotherapy both have advantages and disadvantages and they work differently to help fix the back pain. The medication can help reduce back pain instantly but it’s a temporary solution whereas if you choose physiotherapy it has much more positive impact because you will not only get rid of pain but also it will increase your mobility and muscular strength which will result in better and improved functioning throughout the day.

If the patients are old and suffering from arthritis or sports person and suffering from tennis elbow, sprain or spasm the medication will give you timely solution but therapy will improve posture, help pain relief, and decrease in swelling.

Medical professionals need to educate the patients to opt for the therapy as it’s the healthy future and if we combine manual therapy with ultrasound and TENS it can be useful even in treating deep tissue medical issues.  It’s not only long term solution but also help in prevention of future injuries.


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