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Sun Protection, Sun Safety Tips For Kids

Sun Protection, Sun Safety Tips For Kids

Sun Protection: Sun safety tips for kids
Its nice for kids to spend time outdoors as warm and sunny days are delightful, but at the same time too much exposure to the harmful rays of the sun is not good. As skin cancer is on the rise, it’s scary for few parents to let their kids go outdoors. During the day from 10:00am to 04:00pm UV rays are the most destructive but don’t get fooled with cloudy weather as 80% of the UV rays can penetrate from the clouds. So, during these times try to arrange indoor activities and if you are still going out during peek hours, then make sure you take precautionary measures.
Sun Protection Tips:

If going out with infants particularly younger than six months, try to be more careful, keep them in shade and for this you can use an umbrella, cloth or canopy of the stroller.


While going out, dress your toddler in cool and comfortable dresses, which are lightweight, cotton and long sleeve shirts and head covers like caps or hats. Now, the dresses are available with UV protection so you can go for them. Apply sun screen on skin which is exposed to sun so that your kid is protected from sun burns.


Adults are also affected by the UV rays just like kids so, try to limit the outdoor activities as much as you can but if u still need to go out try to wear comfortable cloth and cover head with hats or caps and also wear sun glasses as eye protection is also very important, with all these protections don’t forget to put sunblock/sunscreen on as it is the most important component against the sunburn if choose correctly and will also provide the most protection from UV rays.

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