Yelling At Your Kids Long-Term Effects

Yelling At Your Kids Long-Term Effects

Yelling At Your Kids: Long-Term Effects

Parenting is a very hard job and since parents want the best for their kids, many parents struggle with the choices and techniques to school their Kids. If kids are misbehaving it’s natural for them to get angry, but how parents react has a long-term impact not only on health but also on personality development.
Effects of yelling on kids:

1. Behavioral problems:

If you think that yelling at kids will make things better and solve problems, it might, but in the long run, it will create problems for parents. Yelling isn’t going to solve any issue, but making their behavior worse, and then parents have to yell more to school the kids.

2. Brain Development:

Brain development is affected by harsh parenting techniques as our brain processes negative information more rapidly than positive one. The part of the brain which involves the processing of language and sound gets visibly affected by parental abuse.

3. Depression:

Verbal abuse has deeper effects on the child they not only feel hurt, sad, and scared but also the emotional damage they carry into adulthood. So many studies have shown that there is a visible connection between yelling and anxiety and depression and that in the long this behavior can develop into drugs or self-distractive actions.

4. Physical Health

Verbal abuse can cause physical harm to kids as growing up may shape kids in a certain way, and few of which we don’t even realize. Enduring verbal abuse can have a long-term impact on physical health.

5. Croconic pain:

Negative Childhood experiences it verbal or physical abuse have a long-lasting impact on kids. If the child experiences too much abuse in their childhood, they may develop continuing pain in the neck, shoulder, and back Sometimes they can develop migraines.

It’s never too late to change the behavior towards the kids and adopt the techniques to school kids who are not causing trauma for the kids. Sometimes its ok to raise the voice but don’t make it a norm. Yelling is only allowed to warn or to get their attention, but when you have the attention try and explain in a more convincing tone and voice as it will have a positive impact on the kid.

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Momna Aziz

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