Co-sleeping: How it can Help Mother and Baby

Co-sleeping: How it can Help Mother and Baby

Co-sleeping: Opinion vs Reality 

There are people with divided opinions on the topic of co-sleeping, so there are individuals who vote for it, but others are against it, and like everything else in this world, it has its pros and cons. 

Mostly, new parents have conversations, and the most important topic is the baby’s sleep; 

  • Where should they sleep? 
  • How do we get them to sleep through the night? 
  • How much do they disturb at nighttime?

Babies sleeping at night reflects our parenting competence because parents need to train the baby for nighttime routine to ensure they sleep throughout the night. 

Co-sleeping: How it can Help Mother and Baby

Controversial opinions about Co-sleeping

In the old times, mothers used to sleep close to their babies for the safety and protection of the babies. This was easy for the parents to wake up later at night for breastfeeding and sleeping. The specific sleeping arrangements were mixed as some parents slept snuggled with their kids on the same bed or rug, but others put their babies to sleep in a baby basket, bed, or hammock within arms’ reach, and others put babies in a crib next to the parent’s bed. But all of the babies sleep within the physical range of their parents.

Dangers Of Co-Sleeping with baby

There are so many hazards of co-sleeping clearly as there are so many things that can contribute to the danger;

  • The baby was born prematurely
  • If you or your partner smoke
  • If you or your partner are intoxicated
  • Sleeping on an armchair or sofa with baby

How to have safe co-sleeping with baby

Babies should have a clear space for sleep which is easy to create, few parents want to share the bed with babies as they prefer co-sleeping, but for that, parents are advised to make this space safer for the babies whether it’s a daytime nap or night sleep. Co-sleeping with babies can be made safer by;

  • Avoid letting pets on the bed
  • Make sure baby doesn’t roll over and fall from the bed
  • Fix loose bedding, as it’s the leading cause of SIDS in infants
  • Keep pillows, blankets, and toys away, which can suffocate a baby

Benefits of Co-sleep with baby 

There are a number of benefits of co-sleeping. It’s not that co-sleeping is only a bad thing. If you be responsible and careful, it’s very much ok to co-sleep with your kids.

  • Babies are safer with mother
  • Breastfeeding is very convenient
  • It’s less hassle at night while sleeping

After the first six months of life, when babies are more settled, they are able to sleep differently. So, at this time, parents can decide to make or change the sleeping routine. Co-sleeping is beneficial if your kids get sick, so you can keep checking them throughout the night, or you can let them sleep alone, which helps them breathe freely and grow in much open space.

At Yes maam we provide you with the nannies and babysitters in Dubai as well as the nurses so that you can have an extra hand to help maintain a healthy sleeping cycle for both mother and baby. Our expert nurses will help you and educate you about a healthy sleeping routine, as many parents are deprived of precise information about what are the things that can make their co-sleeping most safe and advantageous. Mostly, parents have a natural leaning towards sleeping protectively near their infants, and the research data suggests that co-sleeping is on the rise.

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