Breastfeeding: Care and protection for mother and child

Breastfeeding: Care and protection for mother and child

Importance of Breastfeeding

If you are thinking of not breastfeeding your baby, this is a bad idea because feeding from the breast has so many good health effects not only for the babies only but also for mothers. Because breast milk is full of nutrients, and breast milk is changed according to the needs of the babies. Breast milk is full of antibodies, so it’s really critical to give it for the first six months after birth to protect babies from infections.

Breastfeeding is very important for both mother’s and child’s health and growth. Even though it’s a personal decision, but its benefits are unlimited. Mothers’ milk has all the important nutrients needed for the child’s development and it’s digestive and is readily available. Six months to one-year-old kids are introduced to solid food. At that time, the mother can reduce the breastfeeding time or only give it once a day at night or twice, depending on her preference. 


Breastfeeding: Care and protection for mother and child

Health benefits of Breast milk for Babies 

Breast milk is constantly changing in composition and volume to meet the needs of the baby. Breast milk is very good for the baby and mother; that’s why mothers are advised by doctors to breastfeed babies for two years at least. At Yes Maam we provide babysitters in Dubai to help new mothers in properly breastfeed their babies. 

  • Breast milk is easy to digest 
  • Babies have a healthy weight 
  • Breast milk is full of nutrients
  • Breastfeed kids have higher IQ
  • Save kids from all sorts of infections 
  • Breast milk protects against allergies

Health benefits of Breastfeeding for mothers

Breastfeeding is not only good for the child, but it’s also very beneficial for the mothers as well, and it helps them to improve their health. 

  • Protect mother against diabetes and cancer  
  • Breastfeeding helps lose weight 
  • Uterus contraction is a result of Breastfeeding 
  • Helps mothers fight postpartum depression 
  • Breastfeeding prevents menstruation 
  • Breastfeeding saves time and money 

Disadvantages of formula milk

Feeding your baby formula milk is not suitable until there is an emergency or serious situation. Formula milk does have nutrients but is still not an alternative to mothers’ milk. These are some of the shortcomings of formula milk.

  • Formula milk mostly causes gas
  • Formula milk causes the digestive issues
  • Formula milk and accessories are expensive
  • Formula milk doesn’t provide the proper protection
  • Bottles and rubber nipples need to be cleaned appropriately
  • You have to maintain the temperature every single time

Steps for the breastfeeding process 

Breastfeeding a baby is a full process and it will take a few days for a mother to master the position and attachments correctly. These are the steps mothers have to follow;

Be Persistent and Patient

Feeding from the breast is a process so the mother and baby both need to be used to the new skill. For some mothers and babies, it’s harder than few others as it varies from person to person. If in a process of feeding a baby you are getting angry or frustrated wait to give pause and try again. 

Feed when needed

Generally, the baby will need to be fed between seven to twelve times a day so settle the time and feed the baby accordingly to that schedule. 

Avoid dummies and teats

Don’t give dummies and teats to the babies because it will confuse the baby as they must be still in the learning phase and the shape and difficulty level of sucking do affect the baby. unobstructed lactation at the breast will satisfy the baby and ensure that the mother’s milk supply continues to meet the needs of the baby.

If we look at the health benefits of Breastfeeding, they are enormous. That’s why doctors are now making sure that mothers are breastfeeding the kids correctly, and if they are having issues, the cheap babysitters in Dubai or nurses are there to help them out. At Yes maam our main aim is to help the people I need to make their life easier. So, new mothers can contact us for Cheap babysitter in Dubai.

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