Pros and cons of co-sleeping

Pros and cons of co-sleeping

Co-sleeping has its own benefits and disadvantages. Doctors advise that kids below six months of age can sleep in the same room as their parents but in a cot, lying on the back to prevent the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Having an infant in bed is more convenient and comfortable for the parents, especially at night, because breastfeeding and changing diapers can be very hectic but be careful with co-sleeping as it can be dangerous. 

Advantages and disadvantages of co-sleeping    

Co-sleep has its plus and minuses, and infants who co-sleep with their parents have a much more chance of being breastfed than those who sleep alone.

Pros and cons of co-sleeping

Pros of Co-sleeping: 

There are cons and pros to everything, but as a parent, you need to take everything into consideration and decide what is best for the child.

  • Kids also fell asleep faster in co-sleeping 
  • Infants and parents have peace of the mind 
  • Co-sleep with the mother can soothe the kids
  • Skin-to-skin reduces the physiological stress in infants 
  • The sound sleep cycle might create the prolonged breastfeeding 
  • Infants that co-sleep have more self-esteem and less anxiety 
  • Sleeping with parents help have a good bonding between the family
  • Instead of waking up and leaving mothers can breastfeed comfortably

Cons of Co-sleeping:

  • Co-sleeping can increase the risk of SIDS
  • Don’t consume the medication causing dizziness 
  • Don’t use e-cigarettes or any other device to smoke
  • Parents’ intimacy can also be disturbed by co-sleeping 
  • After a certain age, it’s tough to shift kids to their own bed 
  • If you want to continue co-sleeping, be careful not to hurt them
  • Try not to dose off on a chair or sofa with the baby in your arms
  • Adult bedding and blankets may increase the risk of suffocation 
  • Kids can fall from the adult beds as they don’t have security guards
  • SIDS is not very common, but the risk increases after parents decide to co-sleep

Pros and cons of co-sleeping

At Yes Maam we provide babysitters in Dubai for the comfort of the new mother and child so that if the mother is sick or suffering from postpartum depression, our babysitters in Dubai help you out so she can take rest and recover soon. Meanwhile, they also try to develop the kids’ sleep cycle so that infants sleep with their parents and don’t disturb them throughout the night. Babysitter Dubai will help the parents to perform the day to day activities related to taking care of babies. 

Frequently asked the question about co-sleeping

At what age should we have to stop co-sleeping?

There are no strict rules for the parents on when to stop the sleeping of infants with parents; it varies from person to person, but maximum after 18 months, you should try to shift the infants to their own beds. 

Why do babies sleep better when co-sleeping?

Skin-to-skin soothes the kids a lot, and it’s very convenient for both mother and child because mothers can breastfeed them if they wake up at night. Moreover, you are always happy when you are close to your parents.

Is it okay for the baby to sleep on the chest?

If the mother or father is awake, it’s the best thing to do because skin-to-skin is beneficial for both but make sure you don’t fall asleep while the baby is on the chest because it can cause an accident. 

Why do infants like sleeping in the same room or the same bed?

Having the mother close gives the infant scenes of security and safety. It will improve the sleep cycle of both mother and child that’s why infants like to co-sleep. 


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