Physiotherapy: Back Pain During Pregnancy

Physiotherapy: Back Pain During Pregnancy

Physiotherapy is very important for recovery, disability, illness, and restoring body functions and mobility. In order to stay away from injury or illness, practice psychotherapy regularly. Even though pregnancy is a wonderful phase in life, this phase comes with its fair share of problems and health issues. Pregnant women mostly feel lower back pain, reflex urination, and pelvic pain, so it is recommended to take physiotherapy to avoid the pain and discomfort. 

Importance Of Physiotherapy During Pregnancy

In physiotherapy, the expert doctor will use different techniques that are good for pregnant women and the science of physical movements to promote the healing process. Anyone, irrespective of gender and age, can benefit from physiotherapy. Still, during pregnancy, it can have more advantages as women are not allowed to have painkillers or other such sort of medication. 

During pregnancy, physiotherapy home service Dubai is a helpful approach in dealing with lower back pain consequence of the intensification of relaxin in the body. This therapy can assist in improving muscular pain by performing specific exercises and massages. 

Physiotherapy: Back Pain During Pregnancy

Causes Of Back Pain During Pregnancy

Mostly, during the third trimester due to the baby size the gravity shifts, and the center of gravity changes because of it, pregnant women have pain at the point of the pelvic joint meets the spine. Prenatal lower back pain starts in the sacroiliac joint, and there are many causes of it. 

Posture Change 

When women get pregnant and put on weight, it changes their gravity and results in a change in their posture. Women feel the strain on their lower back muscles, and it creates pain. 

Gain Weight

During pregnancy, women put on weight, which varies from person to person. Still, they usually put on 12-18 kg because of eating for two and growing baby in the bally, which increases the weight on the lower back, causing back pain. 


Stress also causes pain as a whole and in the lower back, especially. A lot of physical, emotional, and hormonal changes women are going through create stress for them, resulting in a lot of pain for pregnant ladies. 

Physiotherapy: Back Pain During Pregnancy

Exercises for Back Pain During Pregnancy

It is suggested that the strengthening exercises for pregnant women should be performed in a very slow and skillful manner so that they recover fast. During pregnancy firming the pelvic floor, abdominal muscles, back muscles, and thigh muscles can efficiently help prevent and decrease in back pain. 

  • Torso rotation
  • Backward stretch
  • Standing pelvic tilt
  • Lower back stretches
  • Pelvic tilt with the fitness ball
  • Backward stretch with the fitness ball

Physiotherapy: Back Pain During Pregnancy

Benefits of Physiotherapy During Pregnancy

In many ways, physiotherapy help women relieve the common they experience during pregnancy like back pain and stretch in the pelvic floor muscles. This physiotherapy not only has short-term advantages but also has health benefits in the long run. These are some of the benefits; 

  • Relieve the lower back pain 
  • Help during the posture change 
  • Prepare women for labor
  • Delivery made easier with physciotharpy  
  • Strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor 

The physiotherapy session is provided as consultation in the clinic and physiotherapy home service Dubai for pregnant women to make the nine-month period easy for them. Our expert and certified physiotherapist give customized exercise and therapy plans for each patient and even sessions are offered after the delivery to make rehabilitation easier and speedy. Not only do physiotherapy home service Dubai we provide babysitters in Dubai too after the pregnancy mother needs some time, care, and comfort for recovery so our babysitters in Dubai provide much-needed help. 

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