Latest COVID Surge Authorities Ask For Covid Vaccine

Latest COVID Surge Authorities Ask For Covid Vaccine

After the latest COVID outbreak in the world, the UAE authorities have also tightened the COVID SOPs, including wearing masks in closed spaces and social distancing, and if they don’t follow than heavy fines will be instigated on them as in last two weeks more than 1500 cases were registered.

Those who are COVID positive should comply with isolation guidelines as the number of people being hospitalized is increasing day by day. According to UAE authorities, out of 100 million no one is left who isn’t vaccinated. So, all should get booster shots as soon as possible.

Latest COVID Surge Authorities Ask For Covid Vaccine

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The authorities say that booster dose increases effectiveness against the COVID delta and Omicron variants. The antibody studies showed that after the booster shots the severity of lung disease decreased.

The protecting response was measured against Omicron variants BA.1 and BA.2, following three-dose vaccinations, two basic vaccination doses and one booster shot. After taking the booster shots the quite visible decrease in lung disease was observed as compared to the non-vaccinated individuals.

The current study establishes that Covaxin booster vaccination will also increase the protective immune and also in future decreases disease gravity against Delta and Omicron variant infection.


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Latest COVID Surge Authorities Ask For Covid Vaccine

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