Winter safety tips for newborn baby

Winter safety tips for newborn baby

As winter is approaching the family needs to follow winter safety tips because the first winter is a bit hard for new mothers and newborn babies, so parents need to make sure that all the arrangements are made to keep the baby safe. If you have babysitters in Dubai, you need to inform them to make arrangements for newborns so that you as a family are well prepared for the upcoming situation. 

 Sometimes new parents get too crazy with overdoing things to keep them warm. It’s too essential to safely step out with newborns so that they get used to the new environment. But parents need to keep in mind that newborns don’t have the capability to self-regulate in body temperature.  

Winter safety tips for newborn baby

Steps for winter safety tips for newborn baby 

These are some of the primary ways to keep the newborn warm and safe this winter. 

Dress the newborn in layers  

Whenever you go out or out in the car, keep the baby layered so they stay warm. Dress your newborn in winter onesies so that it’s easy to handle and keep them safe. The bottom layer is always the bodysuit so choose organic and soft material for the suit because a newborn’s skin is always very delicate; make sure to put on socks, mittens, and caps. 

Skip the coat in the car 

If you are in the car with the newborn and they are dressed in jackets, skip it for two reasons. The number one reason is that almost cars have a heater, so with a jacket, it might be hotter for the kids; the second reason is with the coat on, you need to loosen up the car seat, which will result in a safety hazard for them. 

Winter safety tips for newborn baby

Be careful with a stroller.

When you put your babies in the strollers, make sure not to put extra blankets on or close the plastic cover because it can reduce the stroller’s airflow and cause serious health issues. Heavy blankets in strollers can restrict the movements of infants resulting in frustration and difficulty so, choose light blankets to maintain optimal temperature.  

Get Vaccine on Time

Vaccination is very important as the first winter for kids is difficult so better be safe than sorry. make sure the vaccination schedule properly and don’t miss vaccination appointments for the infants. If you are sick stay away from the babies as their immune system is quite weak so little carelessness will be harmful.

Watch out for Dry Skin 

Winter comes with a lack of humidity, and it results in dry skin, so make sure to keep baby skin moisturized; otherwise, it will become scaly, dry, and itchy. Water can wash away the mandatory skin moisture; for that reason, don’t give bath your baby daily. Follow the winter safety tips to keep your baby’s skin soft. Give baby a hot oil massage to keep their skin soft and oiling will also make their bones stronger.  

Winter safety tips for newborn baby

Caution while selecting Baby Products 

Be careful while selecting baby products; try to buy baby skin-friendly products or use as few products as possible because even the big companies are making products with harmful ingredients. Bbay’s skin is so delicate and sensitive just small things can create irritation or rash and that can cause serious health issues for a long time. 

At Yes Maam we have babysitters in Dubai who are well educated, certified, and professionals and know how to care for babies, how to bathe, and change them in appropriate clothing. Our babysitters in Dubai are also well aware of how to protect newborns from extreme weather and follow winter safety tips to have a happy, healthy winter. 

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