Importance of Putting Babies to Sleep

Importance of Putting Babies to Sleep

Babies Sleep

First-time parents soon realize that sleeping at night isn’t so peaceful. It’s normal for them not to sleep at night or protest. If the baby doesn’t sleep peacefully or tosses and turns throughout the night, it doesn’t mean that baby is a bad sleeper, you have to make changes in their daily routine, and it could result in a sound sleep at night. If the baby peacefully sleeps, you will too get to sleep longer than usual.

Importance of Putting Babies to Sleep

Importance of Babies Sleep

Babies from infants up to 3 months need sleep for 14 to 17 hours for 24 hours a day. Many kids sleep three to four times a day for a couple of hours and take a long nap at night. Researchers believe that babies should sleep in a room with their parents for up to six months but should not share a bed as it’s not safe. Keeping the baby in the same space means keeping the crib in the parent’s room means you have access to the baby throughout the night. The top babysitting in Dubai is the one we offer at Yes! maam to comfort the mother and child.

Importance of Putting Babies to Sleep

How to make babies sleep

Sleeping is very important for babies as it helps the brain to function properly. During sleep brain activity has a direct effect on their development and ability to learn.

  • Don’t give baby sugary food just before bedtime.
  • Waking up till late at night makes them stimulated.
  • Stick to the early bedtime routine for better results.
  • Feeding babies can make babies drowsy if not sleepy.
  • If you want the baby to sleep, dim the lights in the room.
  • Rocking the baby back and forth may help them to sleep.
  • Singing a lullaby can calm the baby and hence helps in sleeping.
  • Try to follow the routine, and sticking to it will bring success.
  • Be consistent with your way, as it might take six to eight weeks.
  • Don’t skip naps as they make babies stressed and they are unable to sleep.
  • Rock babies but don’t let them sleep in the lap; instead, encourage them to sleep in the crib.
  • Before sleeping, give the baby a massage following a hot bath will make them sleep well.

Importance of Putting Babies to Sleep

How babies should sleep:

Before putting babies to sleep you should make sure to make the environment comfortable and safe.

  • Do not put plushy toys in the cribs as it might hurt kids.
  • Make sure the baby lays down on the back, not the stomach.
  • Use firm mattress sheets, and use crib and bassinet with the safety standard.
  • You should make the baby sleep in the room but not on a bed as it’s not safe.
  • Don’t overdress them or overheat the room, as it could disturb sleep time.
  • To make kids sleep, put the pacifier in their mouth as it helps calm them down.

Importance of Putting Babies to Sleep

Phases of Sleep

Normally, babies have sleeping cycles and out of which are two the main one is Rapid eye movement and the second one is non-REM.

Active Sleep 

Generally, babies sleep almost sixteen hours and out of which half is REM sleep or active sleep during this cycle their eyes move rapidly and could be awakened by the sounds or movements around them.

Quite sleep 

During this very phase of sleep, the kids sleep quietly and don’t move. It’s a deep slumber where they are not disturbed by the outer sounds or movements.



Babysitting services

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Importance of Putting Babies to Sleep

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